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May 20, 2011 12:21 PM

Cannon Beach Dinner (1 night)

Coming through Cannon Beach (with my GF) for one night and after doing a lot of research I'm still lost. Currently in contention I have: Wayfarer (although it looks a bit touristy?), Newmans at 988 (reviews are all over the place), Bistro (no website!), and something I am yet to see on the boards but have heard good things about is Irish Table. Stephanie Inn looks nice but a bit too pricey (I'll be broke after my 5 day trip eating in Portland/Seattle) for what I'm looking for which is a good VIEW, good DRINKS (full bar is preferable) and FRESH quality food in either a lively or romantic atmosphere.

If you had to choose one restaurant for an out of towner visiting for the first time - what would it be?


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  1. The Wayfarer isn't particularly "touristy" - but it is on hotel property. I do love the hotel - the Surf Sand is my favorite place to stay. The Wayfarer has a pretty view - however their seafood is not always handled properly (serving clams that are closed) and so they can dissappoint. When we visit Cannon Beach we are there for a laid-back vacation and we eat more meals at Doogers than any other restaurant. You will see some negative reviews but Doogers is a family restaurant that serves consistantly good seafood. Not fancy but good. It is clean and attractive but is sometimes busy. It is not a dive. Mo's is a dive - and if you were there for a few days it shouldn't be missed. If I were there for one day in my shorts or jeans and wanted good seafood - Doogers is where I would go.

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      You will not have views at Irish Table or Bistro. If you really want those pretty views, go with Wayfarer. They are now listed on opentable and have recently done a beautiful remodel. In nearby Seaside there is the Seaside Oceanfront Resort, they have a good restaurant there with beautiful oceanviews and also views of Tillamook Head. It is located right at the turnaround. They have awesome desserts there, also such as Creme Brulee, a huge Mud Pie and Chocolate Layer Cake. They were offering a $15/pp special on Thurs. night for King Crab Legs and a Petite Filet Mignon. Enjoy the coast! After a week in Maui, we will be back in the area for awhile! :)

    2. My BF and I spent NY weekend in Cannon Beach, and had our NY Eve dinner at Newman's at 988; loved it. Of course, it is a small house converted to a resto, and no view, but the food was great. We made up our own course choices, but they usually have a prix fix as well. BF had a wonderful Abalone first course that was the best of the night, and I had a delightful main of lobster, steamed/poached (can't quite remember) with a lovely shellfish/veg nage... very subtle and perfectly cooked. Desserts were also good, as was a nice dessert wine the server suggested to go with them. Not inexpensive, but if you really like good food, it about the best in town (more progressive and interesting by far than Stephanie, which is kind of stuffy and expensive). Also, we stayed at the Ocean Lodge, next to the stephanie Inn - I have stayed there 3 times now - and love the comfortable well appointed rooms, and the location! Excellent.

      If you are around for lunch or just a late afternoon snack day of arrival (we usually don't have dinner till 8, so sometimes get an aptz around 5 somewhere to tide us over after beack walking). There is a great, down home fish place just south of the public beach access down from Ocean Lodge/stephanie Inn. Real old-fashioned, with a GREAT beach side view. MO's I think? You can't miss it when you drive by the parking lot there...Cheap whole crab prices (we didn't eat one tho), but did have a cup of chowder and a glass of wine and enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly service. A real Cannon Beach institution. Have fun!

      1. I should have mentioned too, on the way down from Portland, if your travels to CB take you through Astoria, the Bridgewater Bistro is a lovely lunch spot! Right on the river with a wide range of options, all fresh and well prepared, and a nice full bar. Only 20-30 min. after that to get to CB:) Report back!

        Bridgewater Bistro
        20 Basin St, Astoria, OR 97103

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          Bridgewater Bistro is one of our favorites in Astoria. They have one of the prettiest views and dining rooms on the Oregon Coast. Clemente's is also wonderful in Astoria, beautiful dining room and awesome food but no views. :)

          Bridgewater Bistro
          20 Basin St, Astoria, OR 97103

        2. Thanks everyone. We had a great (though) short trip along the coast. In Cannon Beach we ended up at the Wayfarer and were pleasantly surprised. The food was better than expected (for a more casual/family type restaurant) and the view and especially the service were excellent. Our waiter seemed to be running the entire restaurant and never skipped a beat. I could have done without the baby crying in the corner for the first half of the meal, but I guess that's to be expected at a family type restaurant. Nice wine selection too.

          We also stayed a night in Astoria and had an excellent meal at Bridgewater Bistro. Some interesting menu options (all of which were well executed) and, again, a great view.

          I have to say though one of my more memorable meals on the trip was at the Bowpicker (in Astoria) for Fish and Chips. A truly unique setup with great food to back it up. Perfect for a casual lunch - although try to avoid the crowds as the line can get pretty out of control. DO NOT miss the Astor Column - the view was amazing.

          Bridgewater Bistro
          20 Basin St, Astoria, OR 97103

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            I'm glad you enjoiyed your meals in Astoria. We were there yesterday and stopped by Rogue Public Ale House for some clam chowder and Peter Pan Market for some bakery goodies. Wow, was thier Strawberry Rhubarb pie good! I agree with you on Bowpicker, aweosme fish and chips there. I do wish they would set up more tables, especially in the busy summer months. :)

            Peter Pan Market
            712 Niagara Ave, Astoria, OR 97103

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              Yea, I stopped in at Rogue too. I did not eat, but was very happy with the beer selection. My favorite was the "Mole" beer my bartender created by mixing their Chipotle Ale with a Stout. Delicious.

          2. Bumping this thread in case anyone has any new or good suggestions for Cannon Beach. We'll be there for two days next week. From what I've read, Irish Table and Wayfarer would seem to be top of the list. Simple and unfancy is fine, indeed encouraged, if they have food that's fresh and local.

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              Bistro and Newman's @ 988 are also very good. If you want a formal, gourmet meal, check out The Stephanie Inn. :)