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May 20, 2011 11:22 AM

Rack & Soul and Charles Southern Kitchen

Has anyone parsed out the hours Charles Gabriel is at Rack&Soul and when he's at Charles Southern Kitchen? I'd eat anything he cooked me, including styrofoam pellets, but both places have disappointed when he's not actually there.

I've also heard reports that his Southern Kitchen is closed. True?

Charles' Country Pan-Fried Chicken
2837 8th Ave, New York, NY 10039

Rack & Soul
258 West 109th St., New York, NY 10025

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. At 109th at least, the mains have always been delicious and the sides awful.

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      1. re: mahler5

        Not at all denying your experience, but, FWIW, if Charles is cooking, everything he touches is supernal.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I second mahler5, the sides are awful at Rack and Soul-- except for the beans. Everything I ate at Charles Pan Fried Chicken was significantly better and I got the ayce deal, which was practically a steal.

      2. Charles' Pan Fried is alive and well. I was up there a couple of weeks ago. Charles was in the house and the chicken was fine.

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        1. re: salvati

          Salvati, can you please be a little more specific? When was "a couple of weeks ago"? I was at Charles' Pan-Fried Chicken on May 3rd and it was closed by the DOH. I'm only asking about the restaurant, not the take-out next door.

          1. re: el jefe

            It was re-opened by the DOHMH on May 5.

            1. re: Alan Henderson

              Many thanks.
              It's great for my waistline that my timing was so bad but I'm disappointed that I missed one of my rare opportunities to pig out at Charles.

        2. Mr. Gabriel is uptown weekdays and at Rack & Soul Saturday and Sunday. Though I wouldn't attempt to pin down precise hours, arriving in the early afternoon or just before dinner primetime might be best.

          Rack & Soul
          258 West 109th St., New York, NY 10025

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          1. I was at Rack and Soul on Saturday May 21st, late afternoon/early evening and it was better than ever! The pork ribs were perfect, the fried chicken amazing, and the sides spectacular! Had okra, collard greens, beans with burnt ends, and a waffle! Even the biscuits at the beginning of the meal were flaky and buttery. I don't know if Charles was there however, the kitchen was cooking on all burners!! Can't wait to go back!!!

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            1. re: tbone

              As a trombonist, I'm inclined to take seriously anyone with your nametag!

              I'll try yo get there next Saturday. Charles is consistently brilliant when he's actually cooking the food...