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May 20, 2011 09:48 AM

Recipe for a Crowd Plz

I have one of those push button coolers for which I've never really dialed in on a reliable drink recipe. Does anyone know of an easy recipe that has been well-received? Hoping to slap something together tomorrow for a pool/bbq party. Thnx.

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  1. FWIW, what i mean by "easy" is few ingredients and large quantities (like dump a 750ml of vodka in, et cet.) - - thx

    1. Are you looking for a cocktail , or maybe just a Sangria?

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        No, I guess I was unclear. I meant a mixed drink. Never really liked Sangria. Aren't there simple recipes that are based on conventional quantities of booze. Like a recipe where you just pour in a 750 ML or 1.5 L bottle of something, a few other ingredients and some ice and voila, drinky time.

      2. I'd might to Daiquiri's. I'm concerned that they may be too potent for this method of service, resulting in drunk people in the pool or on the BBQ. ;-)

        A high-quality punch might go over well.

        You could also check out the Mojito thread, and let people top off their pre-made Mojito with chilled club soda or seltzer.

        You'll have to squeeze a bunch of limes for Daiquiris or Mojitos.

        I also recently recommended the Watermelon Batida for a similar situation. I'm not sure if you'd have t stir the cooler occasionally to disperse the watermelon solids.

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          "stir the cooler occasionally to disperse the watermelon solids"

          That's a big problem with watermelon. Last summer I made a large batch of watermelon punch and did gelatin filtration on the juice so that I wouldn't have to worry about stirring things up (or the fact that if you don't, it starts looking a bit nasty). The filtration process worked quite well, but I'm not sure that the juice had as intense a flavor afterward. Note that doing this is not at all difficult but it pretty much takes things out of the realm of being "easy."

        2. Thanks for the ideas. Turns out that there was an open bar for that party so I didn't need to bring it with me. Anyway, I still want to get a cooler recipe that is solid. This "Watermelon Batida" sounds very interesting - - I've never heard of it before and the whole fam loves watermelon juice.

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            I've made Planter's Punch (Dale Degroff's recipe) in one of those vessels with success.