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May 20, 2011 09:09 AM

The Junction, Asheville

Anyone been here, or heard anything about it? New place in the Arts District. The cocktail list looks very yum.

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  1. Curiosity and an empty stomach got the best of me tonight, so I talked my boyfriend into checking out The Junction. I have to say it was AMAZING.
    Located in the River Arts Disrict. The space is open, bright with a modern clean feeling. It was made up of a room containing a lovely bar and another well decorated room with seating. There is also outdoor seating, which filled up fast! The wait staff was very helpful and fun (lots of welcomed conversation and laughs). It is run by Charles Triber and his wife. Charles may look familiar if you have frequented Rezaz's or Enoteca.
    The dinner menu was small, but diverse. The lunch menu is more expansive, so I hope eventually dinner will follow suit. We each started with a fabulous cocktail. Mine had grilled pineapple brown sugar, cinnamon, lime tequila, liquer 43. Delicious was an understatement. Not too sweet, very fresh and only $8. I wanted to try several of their other creative cocktails but alas, tomorrow is an early morning.
    We came hungry and ordered a lot. I must say, we did not leave one bite. The dinner menu is small plates. We had a cheese plate with 3 local cheeses, homemade prailine, walnuts, strawberries, melon and really yummy grilled bread. We also ordered the pickled fried green tomatoes. Small pickled slices topped with a remoulade with hints of shrimp and capers. While these were good (and we devoured them) they were not the star of the night. Next was the shrmp and corn fritters. Light, airy, sweet and savory. So very fresh, so very good. The table next to heard us ooohing and ahhhing then got an order. Soon, they too were ooohing, ahhhing then whining when the last bite was finished. As fantastic as the fritters were, the star of the night was the tempura tomatoes. A cluster of cherry tomatoes tempura fried served with a homemade lemon basil mayo. I will dream of this dish. The tomatoes burst in your mouth, warm and crispy but still super juicy. I pride myself on my homemade mayo and this just blew mine away. 2 cocktails and all that food was $45 bucks without tip. We were shocked and uber happy as we got a ton of food.
    Atmosphere, service and food were all spot on.Obviously, we loved this place and will be back, over and over and over again.

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      We had dinner last night at the Junction. Totally delicious. Don't be put off by the small menu (which changes often) -- just trust the chef and order!

      We didn't have cocktails, but they looked great. The tea-brined fried chicken was amazing, as was the roasted corn blackberry salad. Braised pork sliders were equally delicious, as was the smoked tomato soup. We were surprised that lunch is the bigger service (the menu makes me want to go back today for lunch). The prices are extremely reasonable (as the previous reviewer mentioned), considering the outstanding quality of the plates.

      The patio in the evening is perfect; once the sun is low in the sky, and the indoor space is light and open and pleasant, too. The restaurant is in the River Arts District, a quick drive or a long walk from downtown and there's lots of free parking adjacent to the Pink Dog galleries (the Junction is located in this building).

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        I was there for lunch last weekend and was really pleased. A guy came to the table to check on us and his manner led me to beleive he was an owner or manager. I did NOT frequent Rezaz's or Enoteca, but he sure did look familiar. Are you aware of the provenance of any of the other principals? I'm just curious.

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          good memory - the owner was formerly of Rezaz's - one of the mgr's I think.

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            no, I can't claim a good memory. I didn't eat at Rezaz's except I'm wondering where else I remember this guy from ?

      2. have had lunch 2 days in a row and was impressed both times. Their lunch menu features a Soup & Salad option for $8.50 or a Soup or Salad and Sandwich option for $10. Everything was exceeding fresh and tasty. The main dining room is too noisy for me. We sat near bar instead. I would def return for outside dining and want to try their cocktails. They pride themselves in using fresh ingredients and it shows.

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          Am excited to try The Junction and am gratified that Asheville's dining scene seems to be bouncing back nicely from the recession. It's been a great summer so far. (Now if we could only get a Dim Sum place.)

        2. My husband and I went last weekend just to have a drink and kill some time before an art opening. OMG are the cocktails great! I've never been to a place that changes their COCKTAIL menu according to what's fresh and in season. I had the Black Mariah (blackberries and bourbon and I can't remember what all but and my husband had a peach-based drink that was bonkers, too. The food looks great, the folks are friendly, and the space is beautifully designed. Definitely heading back to try the food!

          1. OH! And they make a GREAT Pimm's Cup! Perfect for these scorching summer evenings! Pipp pipp!

            1. Had drinks and snacks there the other night. The patio was lovely, and the drinks were inventive without being too silly, and also tasted great. Had fried green tomatoes with a shrimp remoulade. A tasty snack. I'm looking forward to going back and would definitely recommend it as a drinks destination