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Great Eats in the Bronx

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I work in Hunts Point...only 1 or two decent places to eat over here....okay maybe 3 or 4 but am wanting something else....any ideas?

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  1. Not in Hunts Point, but rather Melrose, but Coqui Mexicano is awesome. They've got Mexican and Puerto Rican dishes on the menu -- tacos, tamales (really good tamales!!), cold salads, rice/beans/meat platters. Everything is prepared fresh using home recipes. One cook is Puerto Rican (by descent) and the other hails from Mexico -- thus, the fusion!

    When we stopped by, the escabeche de gandules (a Puerto Rican fav') absolutely stole the show -- amazing: garlicky, smoky, tangy...so flavorful! The meat and cheese tamales were also amazingly flavorful, but not heavy. Also a pretty tasty chayote salad and nice looking tacos (all meat, so I didn't get to try them) -- with tortillas made fresh in-house. (Full details and pics from our meal here: http://www.cityspoonful.com/coqui-mex...)

    Coqui Mexicano
    871 Brook Ave, Bronx, NY 10451

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      I will certainly try! ty

    2. My favorite great and super cheap place in Mott Haven, the South Bronx, is El Rinconcito Tepeyac Mexican Restaurant, 381 East 138 Street, Bronx, NY 10454 718-401-8314 This is on E.138th between Willis Ave and Alexander Ave, so 1 block east of near the 6 subway "138th-3Av" stop (take the Alexander Ave exit.).
      El Rinconcito is a hole in the wall place with a green and white awning. Their tacos are just awesome--all the flavors (chicken, pork sausage, carnitas, steak, tongue,) but I love the cecina (salted pork stomach muscle) the best. For 5 years now, everything I've had from this place has been delicious. Good nopales. Plus the owner is friendly. You can eat in--they have a few tables in the tiny clean, tile lined restaurant.

      El Rinconcito Tepeyac
      381 E 138th St, Bronx, NY 10454

      1. I like El Nuevo Bohio. The one on 791 East Tremont ave. The other one on 167th or so blows.
        Here is my write up on it

        El Nuevo Bohio
        791 E Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10460