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May 20, 2011 06:49 AM

Coming soon in Montco: Bellisimo

Just heard that Chef Giacomo from Trinacria is opening his own place! It will be just north on Dekalb Pike in the same shopping center as Radice, Jolie Salon, etc. He is taking over the space on the end formerly occupied by a take out/italian deli restaurant - can't remember the name. The menu will be trattoria style, very home home made and authentic. (The chef hails directly from Italy himself.) I'm really looking forward to it...

They are redecorating at the moment in preparation for opening in some weeks. May be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will let you know more when the opening date is firm.

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  1. oh, how cool! thanks for the info.

    1. Interesting location as that shopping center already has Mirna's and Radice.

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      1. re: gaffk

        Well parking won't be a problem. Curious to see if Trinacria suffers...

      2. Thanks for the update, can't wait to try it!

        1. Very exciting news!! Have only been to Trinacria once for a company dinner. Little pricey. Will be curious to see more info - menus, prices, etc. about Bellisimo and whether it will be a BYOB or not. Have not tried Radice, but Mirna's is quite good.

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          1. re: curly girl

            Another Italian restaurant? Can't anyone open anything else?

              1. re: Jdbc

                Yes, one would think it is a bit crowded for another Italian place in that area. The regional cooking in Italy, because of climate variations is quite different one from the other. Given the possibilities I suppose one could hope to see something different. It will be interesting to see what emerges.

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  Very good point - didn't really think about that, but all three restaurants in that shopping center are basically Italian. Mirna's has a large menu with some different dishes, but leans towards Italian cuisine. Still have not tried Radice, but it's on my list.

                  1. re: curly girl

                    Well, Radice is small plates so there's a difference.

                    1. re: curly girl

                      I haven't tried Radice either, mainly because the majority of the posts on this forum have been overwhelmingly negative.
                      I'll see if I can find out more on menu, BYOB, etc... and report back.

                      1. re: truffles2

                        Thanks truffles2!!!! Look forward to reading more on the chow soon.

                  2. re: Jdbc

                    I was thinking the exact same thing! I so miss the great food from my old neighborhood in Maryland where I could get good Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, tacos, Greek, Indian, and more all in a short drive of my suburban home. So far here the only place I really like is Saffron in Ambler.

                    1. re: sharonlouk

                      Have you tried going to Zakes for dinner?

                      They are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday and offer a 3 course prix fix (app, entree, dessert) with a complimentary glass of wine on Wed and Thurs for only $25.

                      Their food is outstanding, better than any place in bluebell / ambler IMO.

                      They also have incredible salads / sandwiches for lunch.

                      Website is:

                      1. re: sandlansd

                        ...and now that they have enclosed and finished the front porch.....more room and less of a wait. Always great food!

                        1. re: sandlansd

                          I didn't even know they were open for dinner and I work right around the corner. Thanks for the tip, I will have to pay them a Wed/Thurs night visit. How's the complimentary glass of wine? Not "Annie Green Springs" quality I hope? You never know when it's free...

                          1. re: truffles2

                            LOL truffles2. In my day, it was Boones Farm or MD2020. I'm sure they are serving at least good box wine. You never know - they may be serving restaurant quality house wine.

                          2. re: sandlansd

                            Thanks for the info, sandlansd. I have only been to Zakes once. Met a friend there for coffee and pastry. I will check their website for hours and information. I have been past there on several occasions where the parking lot was empty, so am never sure when they are open for dinner. Will definitely check them out. $25 for a complete dinner, including wine is a great price.

                            1. re: sandlansd

                              Me again!!! Just made a reservation for this Saturday at 6 p.m. Hopefully we can get a table on the enclosed porch. Will post a chow review on Sunday morning.
                              Thanks again for the recommendation. Their website says 5:30 p.m. for dinner hours, but only that. I think they should add an end time, but they said it depends on how many diners they have on a particular evening. They said it's usually 9 p.m. on weekends and can be earlier during the week.

                              1. re: curly girl

                                As I recall, the wine was decent, not low grade stuff, not high end either, but certainly a nice touch.

                                They are also a BYO, so you can feel free to bring your own wine if you like a certain type, or want more than one glass.

                                9PM is usually when they stop serving, but they tend to go till 10 on the weekends and sometimes close early on weekdays if they are completely empty and have no reservations.

                                And they are very accommodating. If you call back and ask to be seated on the porch, I'm sure they would be more than willing to save you a place. Or you could request it when you get there, but sometimes that area fills up fast on weekends.

                                As far as menu items:

                                For appetizers, I can recommend any of the salads, and the lobster mac and cheese. The panko crusted goat cheese salad is particularly delicious. I'm sure their asian appetizers are delicious as well, I just haven't personally tried any of them.

                                For entrees, I would highly recommend the rack of lamb if you like lamb. It was to die for last time we had it.

                                The homemade gnocchi are also out of this world.

                                The duck preparations are usually amazing as-well, but they change the sauce / cooking method frequently, so I can't speak to the current preparation as I haven't tried it yet.

                                Their fish dishes are also usually sublime, however I have not sampled any of the current dishes, so I can't give my personal stamp of approval to those.

                                And if you haven't had their desserts yet, you're in for a treat, as they started out as a bakery specializing in cakes / wedding cakes. Their desserts are all good, but my personal favorite is their triple chocolate mousse cake, it's sinfully good.

                                1. re: sandlansd

                                  Thank you for all of the great recommendations and information. Really looking forward to our dinner this Saturday evening.

                                  1. re: sandlansd

                                    OMG - our dinner at Zake's tonight was so good. I had the Chicken with Irish Cheese Mashed Potatoes; hubby had the Maple Horseradish Pork Loin with Louisiana Rice and Plantains and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law both had the Moroccan Salmon. Each couple shared an appetizer and two of us had dessert - Carrot Cake and their famous Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake......both devine. With tax and tip, it came to $73 per couple. Really inexpensive for such a great meal. We ate in the new atrium. Definitely will be paying a return visit soon.

                                    1. re: curly girl

                                      It must have changed. When I used to go to Zake's (many times) every dish was some king of Asian fusion.

                                2. re: sandlansd

                                  I'll have to give it a try, but what I really miss are the little cheap ethnic places.

                                  1. re: sharonlouk

                                    The cheap ethnic places which are the hallmark of the greater DC area do exist in Philadelphia, just closer to the city, and a few out in the suburbs. Saffron is a great example of one. Vietnam Cafe out in Telford (45 minute drive? from Ambler) is another, though you also have Pho Thai Nam, Saigon on Main, Pho and More for other Vietnamese restaurants. A better comparison is probably all the Vietnamese restaurants on Adams Avenue in Philadelphia, as well as both the vietnamese and ethiopian restaurants in West Philly (not quite Adams Morgan.. but .. ) and the wonderful mixture of Vietnamese and Mexican on Washington Avenue in Philadelphia.