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May 20, 2011 06:38 AM

Good Canolis in the valley?????

I recently visited Boston and fell in love with Mike's Pastry. It's a local staple and the canolis there are just incredible. Now we are talking Little Italy here so I don't expect to find something as good here in Phoenix but......anything at least decent here that can kill my craving?????

BTW I know someone will mention Modern Pastry (Boston)....Tried it, not even close to being as good as Mike's.



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  1. I'm not an aficionado, but I think Enzo's at the Rural & Ray intersection in Chandler makes great cannoli. Wonderful gelato and cappuccino too. The owner is Italian, fills the cannoli to order, always has Italian speakers hanging out. It's a great little neighborhood spot.

    1. Try Niccolis on 16th street north of Bethany Home.

      1. Miele's in Tempe (McClintock & Guadalupe) had a very good cannoli the last time we tried it. My Italian American in-laws called it the best they'd had since moving from New York. They sometimes have cavatelli listed as a special which is excellent.