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May 20, 2011 06:16 AM

Akrame -- Anyone been?

Just wondering if anyone has been to this relatively new restaurant? It's near the top to Le Figaro's list of best new restaurants for the year.

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  1. Just returned from Paris, where we also been to Akrame. Our second best experience in Paris this time. Very, very good. There are only 2 menus: 4 course for 45 EUR and 6 course for 65. A very good value for many.

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    1. re: kobri

      Thanks so much for your reply. I have a reservation for dinner in July. I would love to know what your best experience was.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Hi Nancy,

        we have been to Le Bigarrade, Spring, L'Hedoniste, Chez Denise and Carte Blanche.

        The most fantastic meal was in Le Bigarrade, though I must say, this restaurant is nothing for the people who expect or like the classical French cuisine. It is a kind of very unconventional. But our meal was fantastic and the 2 stars Michelin are really deserved.

        I loved Akrame, and will definitely return next time in Paris. I also liked L'Hedoniste, especially nice is it if you get a table on the terrace. The food was interesting.

        The most dissappointing was Spring, and it is really pity. They had the most people in the kitchen and in service from the all restaurants we have visited, but the food was uninspired, and the desserts the worst I have ever had in Paris, and I really have a rich experience. The service had no idea, what they were serving, the wines were pretty expensive. Only main course gave you an impression that D.Rose can cook if he wants to, and take enough time for the kitchen instead of for chatting with his guests.
        Enjoy your time in July!