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May 20, 2011 12:18 AM

3 hour layover - enough time to grab something tasty?

Hi west-coast chowhounders!

I have a 3 hour layover at Vancouver airport on a Tuesday (between 3 - 6pm) on the way to Calgary. Is this enough time to sneak out of the airport and grab some local fare?

I was thinking Japadog as one possible option. Where's the closest stand and would I have enough time to get there and back?

Any input/suggestions would be truly appreciated. Thanks!
Alberta CH'er.

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  1. This thread might be useful to you:

    I think Japadog is too far to do in 3 hours and although I really like them would not go that far out of my way for one.

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    1. re: selena03

      If you're really after Japadog, you could hop on the Canada Line to downtown: 20 min. train ride in either direction, plus 5-10 minutes for the wait time. So you could probably pull it off, though you're going to the City of Tubbydog and Spolumbo's (not quite the same, but y'know...). The closest one I can think of from a stop would be the one at the Waterfront station.

      Or you could hop on the same train to a much closer destination at Richmond.

      1. re: clutterer

        Might want to check the Security/screening lineups before leaving the secure area..they've just laid off 120 screeners (which equates to more lengthy delays re-entering the boarding areas).
        3 hours might be cutting it a bit short, especially with Translink's infamous unreliability!
        Don't mean to be a "stick-in-the-mud", but hey..have at it!
        (And no, I don't work for the crappy, sub-par $$$ food services at the airport)

        1. re: gnashingshitfactory

          "Translink's infamous unreliability!"

          The poster as quoted has no idea-the Canada Line runs like clockwork/has since it's inception and is the most reliable connection in the city bar none.

          That being said to schlep all the way into the city for a hot dog is somewhat over the top IMO.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Well said Sam. Translink, compared to the OP's final destination, is impeccable in its service level. Perhaps if you are stuck in the furthest reaches of Anmore or Aldergrove, the bus service level leaves something to be wanted, but for trips within the core of Vancouver and on major service lines like the Canada Line or Skytrain, Translink is damn good.

            That being said, I would be hard pressed to recommend making it to downtown for Japadog. Somewhere in Richmond might be better? Food courts for some regional dishes and maybe a trip to a big Chinese grocery for weird snacks?

      2. re: selena03

        i'll add, that 3 hours if travelling international or even to state side might be not enough time to leave the confines and head to japadog. Also all trains from the airport train station is an extra $5.
        so a single zone trip to the nearest stop bridgeport is $7.50.
        it you really needed to eat out of the airport, maybe a cab into Richmond would be your best bet. You could purchase the kurobabta pork sausages they use in Japadog at Nikuya. Thought the retail is smaller in size but same recipe though they wont advertise it.

      3. Thanks for the kind suggestions! We heeded your collective advice and took the train over to Richmond.

        Even with security and customs taking up nearly half our time, we made it to Richmond, had a quick dinner, even picked up some snacks, and made it back just in time for boarding.

        Totally worth it.

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        1. re: can_i_try_some

          Thanks for reporting back but we need deets :-). Whered'ya go, whaddya eat?