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May 19, 2011 04:38 PM

Wegmans- Buffalo area

Greetings NY Hounds,

I'll be coming up from Boston for a long weekend tomorrow. As a Bostonian I am a sufferer of Wegmans Envy ( although we are supposed to be getting one in MA this October).

From what I understand not all Wegmans are created equal and I'm looking for a location that would be, for lack of a better term, a "Flagship" location.

I am willing to drive and the Wegans site says that there are 10 Wegmans within a 25 mile radius of Buffalo. Being a responsible Hound I did do a search for Wegmans which didn't yield a lot of results but someone did give the Wegmans on Sheriden in Williamsville props.

Through my research I did come up with a few stops on my Chowtinerary:
Schwabl's- BOW
Bar Bill- BOW/ Wings
Maybe Anderson's Frozen Custard ( for the custard, not the BOW)

I'm also considering a trip to Anchor Bar, I understand that it mostly caters to the tourist crowd now, but I feel a visit may be in order for, if nothing else, to pay homage.

I am Chow-agnostic and enjoy everything from a fine dining Chef's tastings to food served out of trucks and all cuisines in between. So if anything is a "must try while in Buffalo area", please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

Schwabl's Restaurant
789 Center Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224

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  1. Sheridan Drive was the original Wegmans in Buffalo (chain started in Rochester). The one on Maple Road is very good too. I live on Long Island now, and wish we had anything close (Fairway isn't too far off).

    Andersons also has great lemon ice and curly-cue fries.

    You cannot go to Buffalo and not make a pilgrimage to Ted's Hot Dogs. Order a foot-long, tell them to "burn it", get it with everything (and wash it down with Loganberry). Also, sponge candy is a must have (and you can get decent sponge candy at Wegmans).

    1. Bocce Club Pizza 716.8331344
      2 locations, Bailey is the original, not too far from Wegmans on Alberta.
      Louies hot dogs also has great curly fries.

      Bocce Club Pizza
      4174 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY 14226

      1. I was in Buffalo with a friend from the Midwest last summer. She wanted to visit a Wegmans, since she hears me rave about them so much. I think we went to the one on Amherst Street. The grocery section was older than the Wegmans I usually shop at in Ithaca, but it still had the great prices and selection that I'm used to. My friend wanted to take some Anchor Bar wing sauce home for her family and found it for considerably less than it was at restaurant. The prepared foods section looked much newer and was huge. I don't have another point of comparison among Buffalo stores, but I'd say it was on par with other Wegmans stores I've been at.

        1. As someone who shops the various Buffalo-area Wegmans frequently, I can tell you that the one on Sheridan Drive in Williamsville/Amherst, near the corner of Hopkins/Evans, is far and away the best in terms of prepared foods and most of the fancier items such as cheese, deli meats, etc. It's both a gourmet specialty store, organic/health food store, and major supermarket all in one.

          Their sushi is execellent; nice array of hot Asian foods, including Indian, as well as salads. The olive bar is not with the other bars, but rather at the back of the store near the cheese department.

          One local product stocked by Wegman's that I would especially recommend is White Cow yogurts, in the refrigerated organic section. This is an artisanal yogurt and it's out of this world. My favorite flavor is the pumpkin.

          Also, Minneo & Sapio sausages (hot or mild Italian sausage made with cheese) sometimes found in the Wegman's meat department (about 60% of the time) are outstanding. Enjoy!

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          1. re: Nadala

            Just came from Buffalo from my sons graduation from the University at Buffalo. Our go to place for wings is Duffs. My family likes it better then Anchor Bat. We also went to a wonderful steak house called Fiamma Steak House on Hertel Avenue after graduation. Also hit Teds which were excellent Hot Dogs.
            The best Wegmans I ever been to is the one in Amherst.

            Fiamma Steak House
            1735 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

          2. I agree with Nadala; if you have time to visit just one Wegmans, the one on Sheridan Drive, near Hopkins, is the latest to be updated, and a nice stop.

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              Yeah, that's the one I meant when I said Maple. One main street off. It's been a while.

              1. re: sbp

                You were not incorrect when you mentioned a Wegmans on Maple, as there is a larger Wegmans on Transit Rd at Maple Rd. But, I do think the Sheridan location is better.