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May 19, 2011 02:52 PM

Indian in Edinburgh

Wondering where to go for good Indian food in Edinburgh? Preferably around Princes St or the New Town so can walk there from the Cally.

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  1. The best Indian food in Edinburgh is at kebab mahal on Nicholson square. It's the real thing, there is no alcohol allowed and you eat off Formica tables. The curries really are fantastic but it is not a romantic date night restaurant!

    1. There's a newish Indian in Dundas Street (number 3A1, near to the junction with the Queen Street Gardens) which gets good reviews - the Spice Pavilion - and that's a short walk from your hotel.

      1. It's been a few years but the Cavalry Club on Coates Crescent just beyond where Princes Street terminates into the Queensferry Road always served pleasant Indian fare. It's a long standing restaurant in Edinburgh and while more sophisticated tastes may hanker for something more "authentic," Cavalry was still quite good. Lovely setting in an old 18th century townhouse.

        There was a new Indian place in Leith that was quite fantastic but I can't remember the name or even know if it's still around (and as such this is hardly helpful!).