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Uses for Feta?

So I recently acquired an extra 2 pounds of block feta cheese and am struggling for good ideas to use it up. Anyone have any good recipes? And would it go good on a pizza? All suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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  1. I've put it on a pizza with shrimp and Kalamata olives. It's not my favorite, but it works. I really like it in a pasta salad made with orzo, halved cherry tomatoes (not quite in season, admittedly), dill, lemon zest and olive oil. You can also mix it with yogurt, lemon zest and mint and serve it with kebabs and couscous. I'm sure you'll many more replies.

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      I've made that same orzo/dill/cherry tomato etc. salad that Glencora mentioned - delicious!!

    2. I use Feta on lots of things-great with any greek style cooking-greek pizza, salad, gyros. Stuffed in pimentos (the large type) and served at room temperature. Bruschetta. Matches great with sundried tomatoes, spinach and olives (greek style) in a pasta or on a pizza. Sorry I dont have the recipes , I just kinda throw things together. I am very envious of your 2 pound block. Also goes great with grilled steak with a balsamic glaze!

      1. leafy salads, grain salads, pasta, spinach pie, greek-style lasagne, mixed with ricotta over roasted eggplant. stuffed zucchini, ravioli, with roasted beets and walnuts, in scrambled eggs...

        1. I once made a salad of watermelon, feta and mint - it was very well received and very refreshing.

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            I have heard of this but haven't tried it..Do you have a recipe?

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              I didn't have a recipe but it was an adaptation of a recipe I saw Nigella Lawson make on TV. She used Hulumi, instead of feta. The dressing was olive oil and small amount of lemon juice and black pepper. I just cubed up the watermelon and crumbled the feta, hand ripped the fresh mint and tossed it all together. I will have to make it again when we get watermelons! Seriously - it was good. I just looked on her website and found this whic h is not exactly the same but looks good also.
              Good luck.

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                thanks I will try that this weekend!

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                No recipe needed. Cube feta, watermelon and loose tear mint or basil. I've used lemon basil and it was spectacular with the other ingredients. A vinaigrette that's a little on the sweet side would work well. I've used sherry vinegar and balsamic vinegar as a base acid or citrus juice along with a good finishing evoo, honey, mustard as an emulsifier. Just make a tasty vinaigrette that's not too acidic.

                You can get creative and plank the feta and watermelon for a nice stack or a simple bowl of cubes dressed simply.

                The flavors go very well together. The sweet fruit and the salty feta meld very well

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                One of my favorites, I add minced jalapeño and lime.

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                  Similar to this is a recipe I tried recently from Ottolenghi's Plenty. Watermelon, feta, red onion, basil. So easy, refreshing and pretty. If you are interested I reviewed it here:

                2. Do you like fish Veracruz style? Do something like that, then in the last five minutes or so liberally crumble feta over the top, letting it slightly melt. Have a lot of crusty bread on hand.

                  It's also very good as a last heated garnish to a very garlicky shrimp sauce with capers and spinach over pasta.

                  Feature it prominently in a Greek salad.

                  Add it to a grilled vegetable panino with oregano and lemon juice.

                  PS if you're afraid you can't use it on time it'll last a bit longer in water, though it'll lost some salt.
                  Add flavorings as suggested by Glencora on this thread and use it as a sauce for gyros or simply with lamb.

                  1. If you're into sweet and salty combinations, drizzle it with honey and sprinkle with sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves. Serce with crackers and slices of tart apple. So simple and good...

                    1. Greek panzanella salad with tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers and toasted bread cubes. And olives if you want, though I leave them out.

                      1. My grandma has a recipe that involves mixing feta, grated zucchini, breadcrumbs, and a beaten egg and then pan-frying the mixture in patties. They're delicious and a quick, easy dinner.

                        1. Get some banana peppers, the long ones with the light green skin. Cut off the tops and carefully take the seeds and pith out without cutting them open. Toss with a little salt and pepper, then toss with olive oil. Place a couple of tablespoons of feta cheese in each and grill for a few minutes on each side. It makes a great side dish, serve with grilled steak, chicken or shrimp.

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                          1. Rice, Broccoli, and Feta Cheese.
                            I make this from Quick Vegetarian Pleasures by Lemlin.

                            (I use canned tomatoes (tomatoes not in season when I make it) and blanch to broccoli separately and do not add water just add broc to tomatoes that are cooked with sauteed garlic for 7 min or so before broc is added - I don't know that my changes improve the dish maybe just make it more of a pain, BUT it tastes great.

                            Lady_Tenar patties sound great as are these chickpea feta patties I made from another CH thread with yoghurt, garlic and salt for a topping.

                            1. I like using it in zucchini pancakes... I generally use this recipe: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/re... -- I know the recipe say "fritters," but mine always end up more like pancakes :)

                              I also just used some feta chunks in an asparagus and caramelized onion frittata and it was delicious.

                              Finally, I like eating feta with fresh pita bread and fresh mint leaves. It's really a nice flavor combination.

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                                Those zucchini pancakes/fritters sound good-now I need to buy feta. thanks

                                1. mix with some diced garlic, well drained (squeezed spinach), black pepper, lemon juice, and stuff into chicken breasts and thighs (under the skin). Roast.

                                  1. feta, shrimp, ouzo, tomatoes, onion….over linguine.

                                    thin slice of feta atop a frying sunnyside up egg. let it melt into yolk.

                                    1. Feta is best used in Greek salads and for making a great spanakopita.

                                      1. If you don't want to use it all right away, feta freezes pretty well. You just have to cut it into small five or six ounce slabs and double-wrap it in plastic. It keeps several months this way.

                                        Another way to preserve it for later use is to cut it into about 1/2" cubes and put it in a jar with olive oil, your favorite dried herbs, dried red chile and/or a little lemon zest. The feta gets all the herb-y, olive-y flavor and the olive oil gets some of the tang of the feta. Great on hot pasta tossed with baby spinach and pine nuts.

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                                          Ooh, what a great idea. I'm definitely going to try this.

                                        2. I recently had Tyrokafteri with pita at a restaurant. Divine! I'm going to make it soon. Recipe I've found online - http://greekfood.about.com/od/appetiz....

                                          I also cut up feta, chilli, lemon rind, figs, whatever other flavours you want in there, and spices, mix with the feta, put in a jar and top up with olive oil. Serve as antipasto, or when you want a lighter meal, with some good bread. Keeps for ages in the fridge.

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                                            haiku, the link you provide has lots of neat ideas. thanks!

                                            i also like your marinated feta idea, similar to one posted by fellow hound, ninrn, upthread. it seems to be open to whatever flavors and components you want to add to your own tastes.

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                                              That is interesting. What does club soda do? How does it come out?

                                            2. Sauteed chicken with spinach and feta, lemon, oregano.
                                              Spinach and feta omelet
                                              Feta and carmelized onion omelet
                                              mix it into the bechamel sauce for really creamy mac and cheese.

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                                                Thanks, just tried the chicken and spinach tonight because I had a bunch of leftover chicken as well. It worked great as a very quick and healthy meal to throw together.

                                              2. I had a bounty of fresh carrots from my garden this spring so I started doing some experimenting. One dish that I made that I really liked was really simple. Just peel, cut and steam some carrots until tender and then add some feta while the carrots are still steaming hot and cover for 5 minutes. When the feta has softened season with pepper and garnish with minced chives. You don't really need any salt because the feta is salty already.

                                                You can make a similar dish by roasting the carrots and garnishing with parsley.

                                                Simple and delish.

                                                1. Great ideas here. You can also puree feta into dips and spreads - it's great in anything with a yogurt base, but you can combine it with roasted peppers and walnuts for a thick spread, or work it into any dip that needs a salty kick.

                                                  1. Thanks everyone, I think I'm going to try to work my way through a few of these. Good thing I love the taste of feta!

                                                    1. It goes great on a "Mediterranean-style" pizza - feta, spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, red onion, pitted Kalamata olives, etc., etc.

                                                      And here's a feta-using favorite that I developed that's a big favorite around here:

                                                      BREEZY GREEK PENNE PASTA WITH KALE AND FETA

                                                      Half to 1 pound penne pasta (Barilla is my favorite brand), cooked according to al dente package directions & drained
                                                      1 block/container of Feta cheese, or to taste, chopped/crumbled
                                                      Approx. 12-24 Kalamata olives, pitted, & roughly chopped **
                                                      Approx. 1 pound/bunch of Kale, rinsed, stems removed & discarded, & leaves roughly sliced/chopped
                                                      ½ a large or 1 small red onion, peeled & chopped
                                                      A few dollops of extra virgin olive oil for sauteeing
                                                      Dash or so of chicken broth or water
                                                      Dash of crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

                                                      While the cooked pasta is draining in a colander, heat the olive oil in the pot the pasta was cooked in & saute the onion until softened but not brown. Add the chopped kale, stir a bit until wilted, & add a dash or 2 of chicken broth or water if necessary to prevent burning. Add chopped olives, cooked pasta, feta cheese, & crushed red pepper & stir again – gently - until pasta is heated through. Serve hot or at room temperature.

                                                      ** If you can’t obtain pitted olives, pitting them is accomplished easily by simply placing your broad kitchen knife (sharp side away from you) over each olive & briskly hitting down on the knife with your hand. Olive will break open & pit will be easy to remove.

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                                                          Thanks! And it's not only really good, but really good for you. Kale is a "power" food! :)

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                                                            Sounds better'n good, actually, now on my must make for the weekend.

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                                                          Highly recommend this, it was delicious. Thanks!

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                                                            Thanks again guys!!

                                                            One more thing that's especially nice about this recipe is that it's just as tasty ( & SAFE) at room temperature, so it works well for potlucks, barbecues, etc., etc. where it might have to sit out for awhile. Plus, it's something different from the usual "pasta salad".

                                                        3. Feta Walnut Dip from The Moosewood Cookbook. It's online in several places - uses 8 oz feta and a cup of walnuts, with some garlic, cayenne and parsley. Delish. I just made some last week.

                                                          1. I had some surprisingly delicious guacamole with feta cheese mixed in it.

                                                            1. Bake some onion wedges with chunks of red pepper and bitesize pieces of chicken until soft/done. When cooked, stir into pasta shapes with squares of feta and raw cherry tomato halves. Stir through a couple of tablespoons of pesto and you have a delicious rustic 'italianish' meal.

                                                              1. When I was in Crete 10 years ago I had baked feta. It was delicious! Think of it like a baked brie as an appitizer. Take a block of feta, put it in foil with a couple tablespoons of olive oil, sliced red peppers and onions, some black pepper and oregano all on top. Seal up the foil, bake it till it is soft and melty, maybe 15 or 20 minutes at 350.
                                                                Another easy one is to take a bottle of the cubed feta in oil, dump it in a baking dish, halve some cherry tomatoes and some red peppers, a couple cloves of garlic,bake until melty.

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                                                                  When I was a student and "cooking" for one I used to heat olive oil in pan and then warm feta cheese in it until melty and a little golden. I ate this on toasted bagels. It's the same idea as your baked feta I suppose but very quick and easy for a snack. for example.

                                                                  I don't see omelettes mentionned anywhere - feta goes nicely with eggs. Most recipes/restaurants will probably include spinach, peppers etc, all of which are good, but just plain feta in an omelette is pretty tasty (more bare kitchen student food!)