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May 19, 2011 02:08 PM

Uses for Feta?

So I recently acquired an extra 2 pounds of block feta cheese and am struggling for good ideas to use it up. Anyone have any good recipes? And would it go good on a pizza? All suggestions are welcome, thanks.

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  1. I've put it on a pizza with shrimp and Kalamata olives. It's not my favorite, but it works. I really like it in a pasta salad made with orzo, halved cherry tomatoes (not quite in season, admittedly), dill, lemon zest and olive oil. You can also mix it with yogurt, lemon zest and mint and serve it with kebabs and couscous. I'm sure you'll many more replies.

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      I've made that same orzo/dill/cherry tomato etc. salad that Glencora mentioned - delicious!!

    2. I use Feta on lots of things-great with any greek style cooking-greek pizza, salad, gyros. Stuffed in pimentos (the large type) and served at room temperature. Bruschetta. Matches great with sundried tomatoes, spinach and olives (greek style) in a pasta or on a pizza. Sorry I dont have the recipes , I just kinda throw things together. I am very envious of your 2 pound block. Also goes great with grilled steak with a balsamic glaze!

      1. leafy salads, grain salads, pasta, spinach pie, greek-style lasagne, mixed with ricotta over roasted eggplant. stuffed zucchini, ravioli, with roasted beets and walnuts, in scrambled eggs...

        1. I once made a salad of watermelon, feta and mint - it was very well received and very refreshing.

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            I have heard of this but haven't tried it..Do you have a recipe?

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              I didn't have a recipe but it was an adaptation of a recipe I saw Nigella Lawson make on TV. She used Hulumi, instead of feta. The dressing was olive oil and small amount of lemon juice and black pepper. I just cubed up the watermelon and crumbled the feta, hand ripped the fresh mint and tossed it all together. I will have to make it again when we get watermelons! Seriously - it was good. I just looked on her website and found this whic h is not exactly the same but looks good also.
              Good luck.

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                thanks I will try that this weekend!

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                No recipe needed. Cube feta, watermelon and loose tear mint or basil. I've used lemon basil and it was spectacular with the other ingredients. A vinaigrette that's a little on the sweet side would work well. I've used sherry vinegar and balsamic vinegar as a base acid or citrus juice along with a good finishing evoo, honey, mustard as an emulsifier. Just make a tasty vinaigrette that's not too acidic.

                You can get creative and plank the feta and watermelon for a nice stack or a simple bowl of cubes dressed simply.

                The flavors go very well together. The sweet fruit and the salty feta meld very well

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                One of my favorites, I add minced jalapeƱo and lime.

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                  Similar to this is a recipe I tried recently from Ottolenghi's Plenty. Watermelon, feta, red onion, basil. So easy, refreshing and pretty. If you are interested I reviewed it here:

                2. Do you like fish Veracruz style? Do something like that, then in the last five minutes or so liberally crumble feta over the top, letting it slightly melt. Have a lot of crusty bread on hand.

                  It's also very good as a last heated garnish to a very garlicky shrimp sauce with capers and spinach over pasta.

                  Feature it prominently in a Greek salad.

                  Add it to a grilled vegetable panino with oregano and lemon juice.

                  PS if you're afraid you can't use it on time it'll last a bit longer in water, though it'll lost some salt.
                  Add flavorings as suggested by Glencora on this thread and use it as a sauce for gyros or simply with lamb.