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May 19, 2011 01:42 PM

Muvbox open yet?

Like in the title says :)

I heard it opened on the 16th, i hope there weren't any delays due to weather.

Has anybody been this year?

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    1. re: Glaff

      Yeah right, i was hoping for a real answer not a quote.

      Am in front of it now and its closed :(

      1. re: SourberryLily

        must be the grey cold weather, cafe les eclusiers next door said on their site they would open may 19 but depending on weather

        1. re: wilmagrace

          I guess they didnt plan on the sudden gorgeous weather we had last evening. It was so warm i walked around in a t-shirt

        2. re: SourberryLily

          Well sorry if I didn't make the trip to check... Some people on Twitter said it was opening today too...

      2. Definitely open... I'm there right now! Lots of people too...

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        1. re: certifiedfresh

          Thanks for the confirmation!

          Too bad they were 1 day late grrrrr

        2. What's the menu like? I'm intrigued!

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          1. re: foodie8

            Still the same menu but prices up a bit this year. The bun seemed different as well, again hot dog style but crusted this time. They should really get rid of this bland white bread. I only got one but seemed to be less filling as well but cant judge on one sample. I was debating whether i should order the lobster pizza as i like that too but will reserve for another time. Cashier confirmed which we all know that lobster is frozen product of iles de la madeleine. Did i enjoy it--yes for me as quick fast food in perfect outdoor location on a sunny day in Old Montreal, can t beat it in that part of the city. Is it expensive, yes for a sandwich. Is it enough food, probably not but their pizza is more filling. However, after having the smallest Five Guys meal which made me want to go have a nap the lobster roll is more my style. I do not recommend combo as you get minuscule chowder and packaged potato chips, not worth the extra price.

            you can check out the menu without new prices


            the lobster roll is now 9.95$ or 11.23$ with taxes

            The nextdoor cafe les eclusiers is now open for bar, light meals, brunch but the swinging bed and swinging chairs have been grounded!


            1. re: wilmagrace

              muvbox is completely not worth it
              same goes of pizzaiola

          2. Is there anywhere in the city this summer that's serving fresh Maine lobster rolls (not frozen meat) in a similar outdoor/counter setting or is Muvbox the only choice?

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            1. re: OliverB

              I don't think so (places like Au Pied de Cochon might have some, but it will be in-house, and probably not even take-out!)

              There are no real "outdoor" cooking in Montreal (age-old by-laws prevent that).

              BTW, don't underestimate frozen lobster, it can be quite good. (and could be better in some case than "near dead" live lobster or inapropriatly self-cooked lobster).

              1. re: OliverB

                There is a new place at Atwater Market that sells Lobster Rolls, however i don't know if their lobster is fresh or not.

                It's located in the "new outdoor section" with a few new others restaurants

                1. re: westaust

                  the fish monger / outdoor seafood restaurant at JTM has lobster rolls - at least they did last year. I would imagine their lobster is fresh. Don't bother with any of their fried offerings because they are greasy and disgusting

              2. Thanks... I'm walking over to the Atwater Market right now to explore this new outdoor vendor! It's separate from la Poisonnerie?

                Will check out JTM too, next time I'm in the area. I heard about it last summer and somehow never made it over... I was seriously let down by Muvbox last summer after craving this concept in Montreal for so long. The premise is definitely better than the execution... I never expected it to match the coastal seafood shacks of New England, but was seriously bummed to find it just an alternative fast food stand... probably not far off from the quality that they serve at McDonald's down the coast (yes McDonald's does lobster rolls!) I wouldn't bother with Muvbox as a destination spot again. It's okay for a quick bite when in the area, but not at all satisfying. If it weren't for the novelty concept and outdoor setting at the port, this place would be a big flop. Their lobster rolls are just not good and the quality of ingredients and execution sucks.

                I never made it down to Maine last summer but I would just end up buying cooked lobsters from the Poisonnerie at Atwater and then use the leftover claws to stuff into fresh rolls with some homemade approximation of Joe's crab sauce that I'd whip up. Hopefully the markets can offer something close to that... or better!

                I'm off to find out now.

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                1. re: OliverB

                  in my opinion, the east coast mcdonalds lobster roll is better than muvbox's