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May 19, 2011 12:05 PM

Deep dish pizza in Toronto?

Being from the Midwest and a lover of Chicago deep dish pizza, I have not found anything like it here in Toronto. I have tried all the highest rated pizzerias. I was hoping to develop a taste for Neapolitan pizza since I am going to be living here for another year but, it hasn't happened yet. Any tips on where to go? I am willing to travel:)

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  1. Chicago Pizza Shack in Hamilton is your only option now that Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Vaughn closed down.

    In a pinch, the President's Choice frozen Chicago style pizza is better than nothing.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      I have had the President's choice frozen Chicago pizza 3 times already:) I will try Chicago Pizza Shack. Thanks!

    2. I've never been there but this place in Mississauga makes it:

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      1. re: TexSquared

        Holy F bomb. The pictures made me a believer. Going there this weekend.

        1. re: danionavenue

          Please report your findings, want to know if it's worth the drive...

          1. re: TexSquared

            I have been there, drove from Markham and it was pretty damn good! One word of advice, do no order extra cheese! It is laced in cheese so no need.

            1. re: callitasicit

              i was just there yesterday. i too drove down from Markham. it was really good actually. Its not deep dish though, its stuffed pizza. The menu is a little confusing at first but take your tima and ask them. they were quite helpful. We ordered a King and an original pizza. That was plenty for three guys, The sauce and the crust were stand outs for me. The cheese was just typical. The sauce was homemade and you can tell. The crust was somewhat "flaky and fluffy"... really good. Plus get the dipping sauce... its a nice touch with the dough.

              1. re: ttran88

                How many slices are the smalls vs larges?
                I looked at the website online.. do they have any salads or only pizzas? Sometimes I like a salad to round out the pizza meal...
                Do they deliver to downtown?

        2. re: TexSquared

          Mickey's is excellent -- I'm glad to see them getting some love from all over the GTA. I've only been once -- I'm not in the area very often -- but friends and relatives who still live around there are all devoted regulars.
          I'll tyr to attach a pic of the deep-dish I got last winter. God, now I'm hungry.

          1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

            Do they have seating? A few stools or a decent sit down area?

            1. re: num nums

              oh god, do you know which size that one is?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                That was a small. I was starving, ate half of it, and one slice of the other pizza we ordered (a thin crust, also excellent) and then setttled into my happy pizza coma and watched movies. For reference, that knife is a six-incher, I think.

                As for seating, I confess I haven't been in the actual storefront, but from the pictures on their Facebook page, it does appear they have limited seating.

                1. re: Whats_For_Dinner

                  Ha, excellent. Thanks for the info.

                  Can you send along their FB page? I cannot find it.

                  1. re: hungryabbey


                    They have nice little FB-only specials and so on every once in a while.
                    Her blog is a really neat read, too -- about the trials and tribulations of opening and running a fledgling pizza place.

        3. Whoa! Whoa! whoa! Hold the phone!

          We lived within 2km of here until 5 months ago. Is this place new??? SInce when? Is there eat in?

          We used to drive to Hamilton for Chicago Pizza Shack - sooooo good

          *whines a little* I have yet to find good pizza in the Leaside area

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          1. re: CocoaChanel

            There isn't one. Your best bet is to drive south on Laird, south on Donlands. Take a right turn on Danforth and park in front of Danforth Pizza House.

            Probably a 10 minute drive from Laird and Eglinton, Top-3 in Toronto imho.

            I have yet to try Mickey's. And that's too bad about CPK - does anybody know what happened?
            I remember hearing on here that he was going to open another location downtown or something.

            Danforth Pizza
            920 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L9, CA

            1. re: CocoaChanel

              Have you ever tried Onassis in Leaside? I've driven by it dozens of times, and have always been curious. Looks like it would probably be old school Ontario-style pizza.

              BTW, earlier thread on Mickey's Pizza:

              Onassis Pizzeria & Restaurant Tavern
              804 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4G2L1, CA

              Mickey's Pizza
              1900 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 4B4, CA

              1. re: prima

                No, I haven't Prima - I don't even know that I have seen it.
                We tried Big Man in Leaside - meh.

                (BTW Prima, I wonder if you and I know each other IRL) -- total aside

                1. re: CocoaChanel

                  Have always wondered about Big Man- even though I live about 10 km from Leaside, I used to receive a lot of flyers from them a few years ago. According to TL, Onassis has been around for 30+ years.

                  BTW not sure if we know each other IRL...quite possible!

                  1. re: prima

                    I ate at Big Man about 10 years ago and would never go back. A total waste of time. I think they need to send out flyers to get new customers, because they can't have many returning ones, if my experience was/is typical.

            2. I am a big fan of Gino's East and original Pizzeria Uno, and while it falls far short, Pizzaiolo does make a deep dish pizza that's at least as good as the President's Choice frozen pizza. Order the Godfather as deep's not bad at all.