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May 19, 2011 11:32 AM

Mediterranean Bistro, East Haven, CT

My wife and I stopped for dinner on a Tuesday night, which was a good choice because it was not crowded. The menu is mostly Spanish, and has a large variety of tapas to choose from. My wife chose mussels in broth with some twice fried fries, and i had a duck confit salad. Both were excellent. Dinner seemed to be taking a long time, but the waiter brought us out free complimentary lamb raviolis, which were stellar. Dinner for me was Paella Valenciana (pork, sausage, chicken, clams, mussels, shrimp). The paella had a lovely crusty finish on it, and was served with half a lemon to juice over the paella. Divine. My wife had scallops and risotto, which was also fabulous.

There was also a complimentary drink at the end of the meal. I wanted dessert, but my stomach wouldn't let me :) I actually took half the paella home. Service was great, but expect slower service than what is normally had here in America. It was nice not to be rushed. I think the Europeans have it right in that regard. Five Stars.

Might I add, the prices were very reasonable--55 bucks for two.

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  1. Stormshadow's wife here. Bumping this back up because we just went here last weekend (or the weekend before?). Hadn't been since our last visit but not much has changed. We arrived at 6 on the dot and didn't have reservations, but luckily we managed to eek out a table. People were POURING in during that time, so if we'd had a bigger group, we would definitely have needed a reservation.

    For tapas, I ordered the empanadas, which...sort of reminded me of the frozen Goya ones, but I REALLY want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were homemade. It was the perfection of the dough and shape that made me think "frozen." The filling was beef and chicken together which was really good. Accompanying the empanadas was a small pile of mixed greens. The hubs got pork tenderloin medallions on toast rounds with a delicious cheese on top of that. Can't remember the name.

    For dinner, I had short ribs of beef, which came with whipped mashed potatoes and a lovely pile of lightly steamed, garlicky spinach. I hadn't had short ribs in YEARS and these were outstanding. Hubs had the green paella special, which included mahi mahi along with the other ingredients from the Valenciana. What made it green(ish) was a parsley-based sauce. He thought it was great and was happy to have paella again.

    Too full for dessert, but like last time, we were served complementary drinks in shot glasses (some grape flavored liqueur for me, and NO LIE, a Shirley Temple for hubs). Since I had wine and he stuck to water, they assumed he was DD. They didn't call it a Shirley Temple--they just said it was a special nonalcoholic drink. So cute though! I ended up drinking that too, since hubs thought it was too sweet.

    I'm happy to see that almost three years in between visits the quality of the food and service has NOT changed at all. They have gotten faster at their serving (or at least it was for us this time). Still very attentive to all of their diners needs. Hopefully our next trip won't be three years from now :)