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May 19, 2011 11:19 AM

Candy Wrappers?

Anyone know a good source for these here in the area? My worse-comes-to-worse option is just cutting up ordinary napkins in squares, but I would still like a something a little more fancy than that.

Even better, are there such things as wrappers made of paper where you can preprint something on them using a standard-issue printer? I've looked online at where people use plain paper, but I'm looking for a paper that's a little more delicate than that but still able to handle a print job.

Also, I've seen online sources for wrappers, but since I'm looking to do this this weekend, ordering is most likely not an option in this case since I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for express shipping costs.

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    1. What are you wrapping? Have you considered gift wrap -- it's thinner and easier to work with than regular paper and comes in all kinds of patterns. I wouldn't use napkins to wrap food -- they tend to either stick or shed fibers. If you can't find real wrappers, my suggestion would be gift wrap and clear labels you can put in the printer.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I'm wrapping homemade polvoron candies. When budgets were a lot less, my family used to do colored napkins and they served the purpose just fine

        Gift wrap is a good idea - that just completely kinda' went over head as a possibility. I'll look into it.

        Thanks Wolfe - I thought of that thread initially, but rice wrappers and polvoron don't seem to go together too well I'm guessing

        1. re: josquared

          How about this? Found a recipe.
          Mold into polvoron.
          Wrap in japanese paper.
          Store in a cool, dry place.

          1. re: wolfe

            That might work! One batch isn't meant to be too fancy, but the other batch I'd kinda' like the exterior wrapper to have some pizzazz.

            Molly's suggestion sounds good as well - since I'll be traversing the bay this weekend, I'll drop by both places to see what might fit the bill

          2. re: josquared

            when I do cookie boxes for teachers at Christmas, I buy the clear (acetate?) sheets to wrap different kinds of cookies. They're printed (only one side) and might work for candy (don't know how well they'd stay twisted on the ends...)

            We used to wrap homemade caramels and taffy in squares of waxed paper.

        2. I get all my candy wrappers at Spun Sugar in Berkeley. But these are just standard wrappers: fancy foils, various small bags, waxed papers cut to size. Nothing high tech or printed-upon or print-on-able, though.

          Spun Sugar
          1611 University Ave, Berkeley, CA