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May 19, 2011 10:57 AM

Seeking the best veal milanese

Within 10 miles of Summit...must be served on the bone. Seeking the tennis racquet of pounded veal chops. There must be 200 Italian restaurants in this radius I'd guess. One of the best used to be at Carmine's in Livingston, but they are no longer.

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  1. Not saying it was the best ever but had a very enjoyable Veal Milanese at The Orange Squirrel in Bloomfield.
    That was over a year ago, hopefully it hasn't changed, at least for my tastes for Veal Milanese.
    Here is a link to our meal.

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    1. re: tom246

      Excellent response, but that is on the winter menu. They just switched over to the grilled veal chop. : (

      1. re: coldbeer

        Me not being there in over a year obviously showed :)

        1. re: tom246

          What about scalini fedel? Not sure on the spelling. Any decent Italian restaurant that has a veal chop on the menu would make it for you. Just ask.

          1. re: Spaetzle75

            Cafe Lia in Cranford to the rescue! Called them up and asked for them to make it, and they went ahead and did it. It was great, as is this restaurant. Entertainment on the weekends, Strawberries Jubilee at your tableside, the whole place just has a happy vibe and the food is tops.

            1. re: coldbeer

              Coldy, I went to Volare on W.4th St the other night and had a real nice veal milanese. The place is a complete throwback.

              Volare's Restaurant
              7 Station Sq, Rutherford, NJ 07070

              1. re: bifpocaroba

                West 4th Street throwback like the Peculiar Pub?

    2. Haven't been in a while, but La Griglia in Kenilworth used to serve a very fine example....

      La Griglia
      740 Kenilworth Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 07033