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May 19, 2011 10:31 AM

not wild about South Brooklyn Pizza (2nd St. near 7th Ave. in Park Slope)

I've been meaning to try the various new-ish pizza places in Park Slope (including Giuseppina's and Campo di Fiore) but circumstances brought me to South Brooklyn Pizza first.

I really WANTED to love it because they seem so invested in getting quality ingredients. But, I have to say, I'm not feelin' the love so far. The pizza is good but overpriced ($25 and up). They have very little variety in the pizza, and no salads or anything else.

The first time I went, the man said they would have salads soon. So the second time I went, I asked if they had salads, and another man said no. Then, while he was making our pie, he proceeded to complain LOUDLY to a friend in Italian (which I understand) about these Americans who want salads, who want wine, etc. why can't they just be happy with the pies? I thought that was pretty rude. He continued to talk (about various other topics) so loudly, on top of the music, that I could barely hear the companions at my table. There were also two dogs running around the place and under our table.... By the time we left, after I made it clear that I had understood what they said, the man blurted out "God Bless America!" Sorry, douchebag, that slogan does not make up for the earlier customer-bashing.

Overall, the high prices and bad atmosphere totally outweighed the quality of the pizza.

South Brooklyn Pizza
451 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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  1. I've only been to the East Village location (im pretty sure theyre related) and wasnt terribly impressed either - i felt like they were attempting to approximate the DiFara's experience both in the offerings (one pie at a time, no other options, indifferent pizzaolo serving you) but it just didnt live up to the quality i want (especially for 4 dollars a slice).

    Closer to home (and the location you went to) ive had two really good delivery experiences (gasp - i for one feel about mixing pizza and boxes the way many of my fellow jews feel about milk and meat) with Cotto Bene Pizza, which while i guess it isnt new went through a name change and, having driven by, a remodel relatively recently. They proudly tout their use of Lioni mozzarella and i read somewhere that they may be owned by family members. So far we've enjoyed a really good vodka pie, a white pie and one more meatier option and while its not cheap (about 20 bucks for a large pie, 12 for smaller ones) or particularly fast (we dont live THAT close so its excusable) the quality has been really high, and they obviously pay a lot of attention to the construction - toppings are well distributed and not at all chinsy with the amounts. The one salad we ordered was a bit worse for being dressed prior to delivery, but again the quality of the ingredients was obviously very high.

    ETA - the name change seems to have the links function flummoxed - the place im talking about is here:
    Pizza Cotto Bene
    291 3rd Ave
    (between Carroll St & President St)
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Cotta Bene
    291 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    1. Hilarious. That jibes with my general experience at their Court Street location some time back. Kind of rude. Kind of loud. Limited menu. Not really very in tune with the people they're serving.