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May 19, 2011 08:41 AM

Durian <-- King of Fruits!

Anyone else have strong feelings about Durian? I can't get enough of the stuff--creamy, rich, sweet, slightly funky; almost like mother nature's best cheese!

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  1. Sticking with the regal references, I see Durian as the "Court Jester of Fruits".

    Durian looks like a spiky weapon or a spiked dinosaur egg.
    The fruit looks smooth and creamy and then the smell hits your notstrils. The smell of rotting fruit with hints of sewage.
    The taste is like rotting onions.

    King of fruits durian is not.

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    1. re: dave_c

      I've tried it a couple of times, and I don't get it. it's not the smell; i could get past that if it tasted any good. it just doesn't.

      In a world filled with mangoes and cherries, why would anyone eat durian?

    2. If you freeze it, it's like ice cream because it's so creamy and rich. I like it like that too.

      Durian is not for everyone, they either love it or hate it.

      1. Lived in Thailand and ate lots of stuff, but can't do durian! There's a reason why hotels won't let you bring it into your room!

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        1. re: arashall

          I've never had the nerve to buy one, mostly for fear that it won't be perfectly ripe, or else too ripe and will evacuate blocks around me. That said, the only fruit shake I'd order in a Vietnamese restaurant is durian. There's something indescribable about that drink. The mix of ice, sweetened condensed milk and durian is magic to me.

        2. I don't like it at all--smells too much like sewage.

          1. I love durian, and try to buy a fresh one at least once a year. They can be very expensive!

            I think I paid $30 last year for a huge one ($5 per pound).

            To me, the flavor is a cross between very very overripe canteloupe and toasted almonds.