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May 19, 2011 08:14 AM

Local milk in Arlington/DC?

Do any grocery stores or farmers markets in Arlington or DC carry local milk? I just moved up here from the RDU area where local milk was the norm, but have yet to see any local brands at the stores near my place.

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  1. there are dairy stands at many farmers markets in the area including Trickling Springs (which I think does delivery)

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      MOM (My Organic Market) sells Trickling Springs milk.

    2. South Mountain Creamery also does delivery. (So. Mtn. is from Maryland, and I think is probably the closest dairy to DC;' Trickling Springs is a Pa. dairy that buys from nearby farmers)

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        We do South Mountain and love it.

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          I also use South Mountain Creamery and love it! We get their milk, half-half, and eggs. All wonderful. For special occassions we get their buttermilk, which is ridiculously creamy and we also had a fresh turkey delivered for Thanksgiving. I highly recommend them!

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            Yes, we get their eggs as well and sometimes meat products. In the winter the stewing beef makes for some great chili.

            Btw, when we got our first delivery I did a blind taste test thanks to Ms. S. We had bought organic milk from Sway or Whole F, and whatever we had was distinctly not as good as the South Mountain product.

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            We get South Mountain milk, half-and-half, and eggs delivered every week. We did a taste test as well and South Mt. beat the Whole Paycheck, Trader Joes, Safeway, Giant, and even Trickling Springs hands down.

            I was previously a Trickling Springs fan but MOM's is a 45-minute drive. We were thrilled that South Mountain was even better.

            Love having the milk delivered, love the returnable glass bottles, love the customer service, and love the products.

            Check 'em out: southmountaincreamery.com

          3. If you ever make it to Shaw/Bloomingdale, Timor Market has local dairy, including reusable, returnable glass bottles.

            1. Arlington Courthouse farmers market on Sat. and Dupont FM on Sunday both have creameries.

              1. dang, now i'm craving some cold milk! ;-)