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May 19, 2011 07:48 AM

where to find chiles

I found a tortilla soup recipe I want to try .... I'm a novice cook, so I need some help finding some of the ingredients. It calls for dried pasilla chiles and ancho chiles. Where to find in Calgary? And what would I substitute with if I cannot find them? Thanks.

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  1. Salsanista (I think that it is called) in the strip mall on the corner of 14 st and Northmount Dr NW. I think I had seen ancho chiles at Tuscany Soby's.

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      I believe all Sobeys have the chilis you need. You'll have to ask though since at our local Sobeys the dried are nowhere near the fresh chilis.

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        Zydecopapa the place you're thinking of is Salsita. Last time I was there I picked up dried pasillas and saw ancho and others. I also found Jamaica ("ha-mike-a") flowers there for making Agua Fresca. Love that store. :)

        Bill is right, Sobey's carries dried peppers but they aren't always easy to find. They're in produce but bagged and hung on a display - which at our Sobey's is between the produce and meat depts by the employee entrance to the deli counter.

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          Right you are about the name!! Thanks for the correction.

      2. If the other suggestions don't pan out, try Silk Road - they list whole and ground for both chiles.
        They probably are not the least expensive option but I have found them to be a reliable supplier of all things spice.

        1. i buy mine at Sobey's. you could also try La Tiendona, they're the biggest mexican store and they should have the biggest variety (although I haven't been in awhile and can't remember if i saw them last time i was there).

          1. most Sobeys stores as well as Calgary Co-ops do carry the dried chiles....but yes some times are tucked away so you do need to ask.

            1. Try the Cookbook Company on 11th Ave SW between 6th & 7th, usually have a good selection, chiplote, ancho, etc