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May 19, 2011 07:40 AM

Driving from Paris to Beaune to Vaison to Nice any foodie stops along the drive?

My wife & i are coming to France Sun for two weeks. We are staying at the above mentioned "cities" and driving in between. Any places along the drive that we should visit? Our plan is to take back roads to see more of the countryside.

We have plenty of restaurant recommendations for our stay, so don't need those. We are more looking for; "XXXX makes the greatest XXXXXX you need to try it."


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  1. Between Paris and Beaune:
    - ferme de la Ruchotte. For its farm specialties, search here and on web.

    Beaune itself has a lot of interesting eateries, written up and updated often on the board. YOu will find them easily by searching under Beaune.

    South of Lyon north of Vaison:
    - L et Lui at St Paul Trois Châteaux, again, freshest stuff based on d"cuisine de jardin".

    1. I'm sure I'll think of some others and I'll post those then, but the main one is Frui Rouge who makes the absolute greatest jam/confiture from red berries (strawberry, raspberry, red & black currant). Yum! They are in the hills just above Nuits St. George.

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        Okay, thought of a few more:

        Though I don't have a specific recommendation for a product, the Maison de Pays de l'Auxois is a fun stop between Paris and Beaune - just off the A6 near Pouilly-en-Auxois -

        Mulot & Petitjean in Dijon has really good spicebread - 13 Place bossuet -

        Don't miss the Dijon market at Les Halles, esp. be sure to stop at D'un Pain a l'Autre - open on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9a to about 1p.

        Another fun stop (though IMO not a destination) in Dijo is Rose Vergy - a tea room and shop selling spice bread and other regional items - 1 rue de Chouette -

        On the way to Beaune just north of Gevry-Chambertin in Brochon is Fromagerie Gaugry - makes great Epoisses and invented it's sister cheese Ami du Chambertin - does tours daily at 9am (Mon-Sat) for 7 Euros (I think only by appointment, but not sure) - shop on site open without appointment and worth the stop -

        In Beaune don't miss Alain Hess - known for creating the marvelous Delices de Pommard, a tripple cream cheese coated in Dijon mustard - also has other excellent cheese and regional product offerings at the shop - 7 Place Carnot - also now has a factory open Monday-Friday from 7-12 and some hours in the afternoon at 5 rue du Lieutenant Dupuis -

        Fallot mustard in Beaune is also a good time - one of, if not the, last of the artisinal "Dijon style" mustard makers in the Cote d'Or. They do a little tour and tasting everyday at 10a and 11:30a for 10 Euros -

        Lastly there is a heavenly honey place, Miellerie Blanc, in Rouvray open by appointment - this is near Ferme de la Ruchotte that Parigi mentioned above. You can contact them at

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          Did you forget -- or don't you know of -- the fabulous liqueurs of Domaine Lucien Jacob in Echevronne? they also make wine (which is extremely mediocre) but their Creme de Cassis, Framboise and Mure are the stuff dreams are made of.

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            I was just thinking foodstuffs, but you are right LJ is great. I still maintain that Ange Gardien's casis is better. Easy to try now at their shop in Beaune. Let me know what you think when you get to try it!

      2. How timely! DH and I drove from Paris today! We stopped at exit 22 toward Avallon and happened upon a most fabulous spot; Le Relais Fleuri an auberge just off the exit. Scenery dotted with Charlevoix cattle and sheep was an added bonus. 23 euro for starter, plat, frommage and dessert. Complimentary warmed mushroom with confiture of legumes began our lunch. W had a jambon terrine and I escargot, then my main was a wonderful trout en crote with vegetable tartin while W had a chicken mousse sort of dish. We both had a beautiful artistically present baked apple with sorbet all shped in the form of an apple with a mint leaf and an elongated chocolate cookie representing a limb. Beautiful! I'm not a huge chablis fan but we had a half bottle that was delicate, not flinty.
        We are in bourgogne after all!

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        1. La Cabotte in Nuits St. George, so good I went back 2 nights in a row!