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May 19, 2011 07:26 AM

Ideas for Saturday take-in

Hi all,
My family is getting together Saturday afternoon to celebrate a new job for one of us and birthdays for two of us. We'll be 10 people (no little kids).
I'm veg, most of us are at least somewhat healthful-eater types.
I usually cook, and have also done PF Chang's take out. Don't want to do either of those options. Pizza also not gonna work. Want festive, sorta upscale and variety.
Oh, and no beef, pork or shellfish.
I'm out of time and ideas. I want to bring everything in. Cost not really a factor but, since it's only a day and half away, I gotta do something quick and local.
I live in Scarsdale.
Who's brought in good stuff from local to where I live?

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  1. Shiraz (Persian restaurant) does take out. Hope this helps.

    1. What about Standing Room Only? Not cheap, but pretty good. Not sure how much notice they need, though.

      1. We enjoy Calcutta Wrap and Roll. It's very reasonable Indian food with lots of good veg and chicken options. Depending on which side of Scarsdale you're on, it could be just a couple of minutes down Popham/Ardsley Road to pick it up. They also deliver.

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          Speaking of Indian, Ambadi in White Plains delivers to Scarsdale. You can find their menu at

          The owner is the son of the (former) Bengal Tiger's owner.

          Bengal Tiger
          140 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY 10601

          1. re: Maryld

            Hi girls,
            So appreciate the input.
            Indian is not going to work. I love it, son doesn't. He's the honoree. We also have a veg Indian place right in Hartsdale so I could go that way at least for part of the food.
            Shiraz is a possibility, apple, but Nikos is closer. Good idea - might do some of that.
            SRO was also on my mind, as is Balducci's, Morton Williams for some salads and sushi and/or wings.
            Any other ideas - pls keep 'em coming. Thanks again - Gal Chows Rock!

            1. re: mrsdebdav

              I just read on Lohud that Hash-O Nash, the Middle Eastern restaurant, opened up on Mamaroneck Ave . The food looks highly edible in the photos. Apparently, they also offer some "American" items such as hickory smoked brisket.

        2. What about bringing in Mexican from Vega? You could do a variety of stuff that would allow you to avoid beef, pork and shellfish and you could do some fun drinks ( adult and non-alcoholic, too) Your own little custom build fiesta!

          1. Cheesecake factory- salads, summer rolls, chicken wraps.