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May 19, 2011 07:07 AM

Checked out B&O Brasserie last night

Here for work, seems like B&O pretty popular on the board so we checked it out to see something different.

We really enjoyed the Queen Bee cocktails, and the service was great.

It was disappointing the menu is different than what's online (I had my heart set on a few things that weren't offered)...

There was no duck flatbread with egg option I had read about here, so we got a shrimp/corn version. It was just ok. way too dry IMO.

Pork belly was a bit different from what's on the online menu, it was pretty good but one of the pieces was more dry than the other 2 (almost no fat?).

Husband got the deviled eggs, they were as described but not too different tasting than the deviled eggs my mom makes :)

We did get an asparagus salad I liked very much, had peas and sprouts of some sort that was really good.

For dessert, we got the red velvet doughnuts with the shake, it was tasty and fun to get something very different, but not mind blowing. Husband had the chocolate cake and said it was ok. It looked impressive with the toasted top, but I was too full to taste.

Other menu changes - No oxtail ravioli, there was a pea ravioli version, which we skipped. No duck fat fries, no scallops, and no crab fried rice. We definitely had planned on ordering some/all of these items.

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  1. hi phillychower. i do the pr for the restaurant. glad you stopped in. they are in the process of changing over to their summer menus this week, which is why the website hasn't been updated yet. my sincerest apologies it wasn't what you were expecting. we'll get the site updated ASAP.