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May 19, 2011 07:06 AM


Years ago in Chicago I used to be able to buy "dry curd cottage cheese" for making European-style cheesecake. I can no longer find it. 1) Has anyone seen it anywhere, possibly in an ethnic market, and 2) Can "farmer's cheese" be substituted for it in cheesecake recipes---or is farmer's cheese more like a cream cheese?

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  1. Farmer's cheese would be a good substitute, it's what my European mother always used.

    1. dry curd cc is called ricotta, in any supermarket.

      1. Hi, my family uses dry cottage cheese to make a savory (European) strudel I live in Southern Ca. now and ask the dairy department of my supermarket to special order it for me. If I can find farmers cheese I also use that. I think that ricotta has a different texture.

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          Depending on the ricotta it can be much different. Sometimes the small containers are almost cream-cheesey and the deli offerings can be wet. Farmer's cheese is the dry-curd equivalent - at least that's what my mother believed.

        2. I'll be stopping by HarvesTime this weekend. I know they have farmers cheese but I'll take a closer look at the cheese area.

          1. Hi, my wife and i are from Italy and she uses ricotta whenever she runs out of dry curd cottage cheese. However, we also order cheese online through and they deliver it right to our doorstep. they offer authentic gourmet cheeses. you may try logging to thier site and check it out. hope it helps.