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May 19, 2011 07:04 AM

anyone remember old cooking show

Can anyone remember old cooking show that starred a older man and younger lady. It was funny show because lady couldn't cook good. If I remember correctly the man was somehow involved or owner of Winnebego or another rv business.

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    1. I was going to guess Romagnoli's Kitchen in the 70s where by the end of the show Franco Romagnoli had sipped more than his share of the cooking wine. But Margareit (ms?) was a pretty decent cook as I recall.
      But maybe you're thinking of Nick Stellino.

      1. that sounds exactly like rachael ray, only there was no older man.

        1. i remember that show and wish i knew the name of it! he would treat her like an air head, and she totally acted like one. nothing they made looked edible but it was pretty entertaining anyway. god what was the name....dammit.

          1. Until you referenced the Winnebago it reminded me of How to Boil Water on the early FoodTV days. They had a couple of male knowledgeable chefs and beginner blond ditzy ladies...

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              I remember that show!! I used to love watching it.