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No grill pan, what to use?

I have several recipes I'd like to try but they all call for a grill pan for stovetop cooking. Any ideas for a substitute for the grill pan? I already have too many pans, my kitchen is jammed to the hilt and if I bought a grill pan I'd have no place to put it. I own all kinds of fry pans, saute pans, griddles, and even an indoor "barbecue" plus 2 outdoor Webers, one a charcoal, the other gas. I'd like to have a panini pan too, but again, no more room!

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    1. I'll second that motion......Cast Iron skillet

      1. Either a cast iron skillet for the stovetop or your broiler pan for your oven broiler.

        1. Why not use one of the outdoor grills?

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            Agreed. The grill pan is really just an attempt to fudge the results of a real grill without going outside. The webers will give the OP even better results than a grill pan would have if he/she doesn't mind using them.

            Not sure why everyone is recommending a CI skillet when the OP seems not to mind just using the grill.

          2. I'll third or fourth or whatever the recommendation for cast iron pan.

            But, pray tell, what recipes specifically call for a grill pan for stovetop cooking?

            1. What does your indoor 'barbecue' consist of?

              1. The obvious choice is a charcoal grill.

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                  I have to disagree here. I make bacon every morning on my stovetop grill I'd hate to do this on a Weber! I do think the stovetop grill is a convenience, not an actual grill. But it sure suits us! I imagine the OP is trying to grill chicken breasts and/or hamburgers. I find it my CI Lodge grill very easy to use, and it turns out very good grilled things, including grilled veggies. If you are, for instance, wanting grilled food after a long day at work, heating up the grillpan is way easier than firing up the charcoal or gas grill. Cleanup is easier too.

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                    I honestly can't imagine that heating up a grill Pam and cleaning it is easier than eating up a gas grill. When I want a low-effort weekday meal, the gas grill is what I go to for fast, easy, one-stop cooking.

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                      See OP's reply below. It depends on the state of your grill, how many steps to said grill (mine is outside my great room door, and not convenient to my kitchen) and how nicely you clean it afterwards. In my case, and in the OP's case, using a gas grill is harder than turning on the heat under the grill pan. I can clean my grill pan after several grill sessions, and it isn't hard.

                2. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Yes, I can fire up the gas grill but sometimes uncovering it, cleaning it, grilling a simple sandwich, cleaning it, cooling it down, recovering it seems to be overkill for one grilled panini that hubby and I are splitting. Yes, I can do it in my CI pan but it won't taste like the grilled chicken panini I want to make. Also, sometimes when I'm doing a grilled piece of meat, making a sauce, roasting a vegetable and baking some muffins, it's a little difficult to be working in the kitchen, watching everything and trying to grill in the backyard.