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May 18, 2011 11:59 PM

Food Truck Wedding - Would Like Advice (moved from L.A. board)

My fiancée and I are getting married in October and she would like to have the wedding at least partially catered by one or more food trucks (we may do appetizers ourselves to keep our guests from starving while we do the photos between the ceremony and the reception). We're looking at 100-120 people and having it in the Long Beach or OC areas (our respective stomping grounds). I'm already checking out trucks but am coming here hoping that perhaps you guys have actually attended some food truck weddings and might be able to help out with three things:

1) What venues can you suggest? We need a place that allows outside food and has parking and/or room for the trucks. We have other requirements, too: Outdoor ceremony, indoor reception, liquor friendly.

2) At weddings you attended, how were the logistics handled? Did the guest go outside and stand in line at the trucks or did they bring the food inside (the latter isn't much different than a caterer)?

3) Did the trucks cater the whole thing or was it just a midnight snack as I've seen some mention?

Also, any food truck recommendations would be great as well.


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  1. Never been to a FT wedding, so I have no idea about your questions. But here is a thread talking about FT's and which folks on this board like and which they think are purveyors of swill. What you and your soon to be spouse need to do is figure out which ones you are interested in and talk to them. I'm sure that the answers for most of what you are trying to figure out can come from the FT owners (even about venue questions which they may have some excellent suggestions for as well).

    Good luck and good eating.

    1. Unless you are making it a no-host snack, you need to be able to control who gets to go up to the food truck, lest you are paying for any random person who wants a meal. You are far better off bringing the truck into the venue so only your guests have access.

      1. I strongly suggest that you rethink your plans. Having organized events with trucks, I can tell you that it is very hard for any truck to handle feeding 100-120 people at once. Most trucks that I have seen can only serve a few people at once, so unless you can seriously stagger feeding your guests, you will have some guests waiting a loooonnnnngggg time for their meal. I can see something like a midnight snack working or having the company cater and bring the food in from off-site, but no way could one truck cater the whole thing.

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          Agree with sidwich. Save this for an end of party snack thing. Horrible idea to have guests waiting in lines, not getting served, griping, hungry. Yes it is cute and trendy and hipster, but a horrible idea.

        2. When i was a server, I worked a wedding that had the In N Out truck for dinner, along with appetizers and dessert from elsewhere. It was a sit down dinner with the proper number of servers for the amount of tables.


          The truck staff couldn't handle getting 100 orders in, so of course people were ordering their burgers at the same time and getting them 45 minutes apart. All the while getting upset for waiting and complaining that the truck didn't make fries. At the time I remember thinking that the only way this could have worked out decently was for guests to have ordered and waited for their own food, but I can see why the hosts didn't want their guests to stand around. It was otherwise a reasonably formal event with this one quirk.

          The In N Out truck is pretty well run and I could tell they knew how to be as efficient as possible, but it's just not a substitute for a real kitchen. So, you really have to think about the size and style of your party before doing it.