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May 18, 2011 09:02 PM

Guide to the New World Mall Food Court

I'm starting this thread on the New World Mall's food court offerings in hopes of having our collective experiences collated in a semi-organized manner.

NWM opened a few weeks ago in downtown Flushing next to Macy's, and is anchored by the J Mart supermarket. On my initial visit two weeks ago, I completely missed the food court. Thanks to Jeff Orlick's article [ ], I realized that the stalls were hidden in the basement but not yet open at the time. Another thread [ ] motivated me to visit yesterday and today to check out the scene. Currently, more than half the stalls have opened for business, with the remainder anticipating on opening by May 21.

Here are the stalls in order from the NW corner. Since my Chinese sucks, I’m mostly listing the English names for now.

Chong Qing Hot Pot #4
Live Seafood #5
M S Han Song Ting #6
Yo Yo Cafe #7
Pizza 8 #8
SzeChuan Cuisine #9
Xiang Ba La #10
LZ Cafe #11
Sliced Noodles #12

Snopo #14
Lanzhou Handmade Noodle #15
Laoma Ma La Tang / Shang zi wei / hao xin xiang #16-17?
Main Street Burger Shack #18?
Casserole Big Bowl of Noodles #19
#20 - currently unoccupied
Manji Dessert #21
#22 - currently unoccupied
Hottest 86 #23
Beijing Cuisine #24

延邊 / 연변/ Yánbiān #25
Mojoilla Fresh #26
Tianjin foods #27
#28 - currently uninhabited

Wenzhou Local Flavor Snacks #29
Tasters’ Delight Inc #30
Pho Express / Shikoku Teriyaki Express / Ponji Juice Bar #1?
Noodle Village So Good #2?
Tokyo Kitchen/Green Mountain Coffee/Sushi #3?

Individual posts for each stall to follow…

New World Mall Food Court
40-21 Main St Flushing, NY 11354
Main entrance on Roosevelt, between Main and Union. Next to Macy’s.

New World Mall
40-21 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. #4 Chong Qing Hot Pot

    This place wasn't open yet, but will serve several Sichuan hot pots, dumplings and noodles.

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      1. re: Joe MacBu

        And 3 more pics which didn't upload during the last attempt.

    1. #5 Live Seafood

      One of the busier stalls in the court. They serve just-killed lobster ($12) and crab ($6.25) (and shrimp, also $6.25, though I didn’t see any alive or served), along with shredded cabbage and rice. The crustaceans are lightly dredged in flour, deep-fried then wok-tossed with the flavor of your choice. My choice of ‘Sichuan Spicy’ seemed to only include deep-fried whole chilies, no sauce – but I devoured it nonetheless. Dig in with your hands - the bathroom is conveniently close for cleaning up afterwards. Other flavors are XO sauce; Hong Kong; ginger/scallion; basil.

      1. #6 M S Han Song Ting

        Many on this board are familiar with this stall from their (brief) tenure in the Roosevelt Food Court, as well as further up on Main St. They're quite popular in the new space, serving up ma la tang, along with items which straddle the China-Korea border. They make their own wheat noodle for what resembles naeng myun (replacing the buckwheat) and jjajangmyeon. Also on offer are bibimbap, soondubu, bing and all the rest which I have yet to translate. It should go without saying, but menu translations would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Thanks - was there Wednesday and tried to find the food court from the MAIN ST entrance - only cul de sac despite the sign-posting!! The Chinese certainly never disappoint - all it would take was a sign saying ENTRANCE ON ROOSEVELT!
          On the top floor there's a mighty gigantic new restaurant which looks phenom - just gawking at the tables as i passed by. Seems really great but alot of stuff rather pricey - anyone been there yet?

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          1. re: micheal

            If you walk upstairs through the supermarket you can take the elevator down to level C.

          2. #7 Yo Yo Cafe

            This place still needs quite a bit of work before opening. But it looks like Taiwanese food and drinks.

            (Apologies for the rotated pic. I wish Chowhound would allow us to edit pics after uploading)

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            1. re: Joe MacBu

              Now they're called Kung Fu Tea.

              1. re: Joe MacBu

                The Taiwanese stall was, briefly, open -- I even tried their vegetarian version of "pig's blood cake" -- but they never seemed to do much business.

                1. re: DaveCook

                  Vegetarian pig's blood cake is a bit on the mind-boggling side, whatever was in it?

                  1. re: DaveCook

                    Seaweed, I believe, gives it its body.

                    1. re: DaveCook

                      Interesting. And the mineral quality. makes sense.