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May 18, 2011 07:55 PM

Looking for fun dining including a teen.

My daughter is heading out to check out UBC. What is good and cool near there? Many thnaks and namaste.

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  1. W. 10th:
    - Enigma
    - Burgoo

    W. Broadway:
    - The Eatery

    W. 4th:
    - too many to list, but between Alma and Arbutus there's plenty.

    1. do you want it to be really close to UBC or is downtown Vancouver ok too? It's about a 15 to 20 min drive. What kind of food/atmosphere do you and your daughter like? Any price range?

      1. Here's a current thread about lunch near UBC that might be helpful if you haven't seen it:

        If you can answer selena's question with a yes, you will get much better recs as the food improves the further you get away from campus :-).

        I take it you are coming from Toronto so that may also influence the answers you get. Also letting us know if your daughter has any specific likes or dislikes would be helpful. For a certain type of late teen, the Naam for yam fries with miso gravy would be bang on the money, but for another it would not be cool at all :-).

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          Hi Folks. Staying downtown, but hoping to get the vibe of the campus area. Teen is moderately fussy. Would not eat raw fish, or beef, but might adventure further. Thanks all!

          1. re: Snarf

            I think Burgoo is a great choice for fussy appetites - they have meatless options and a good variety of flavours
            It's just off campus in the Point Grey neighborhood.

            1. re: kinnickinnik

              Here's a recent thread on Burgoo, who is also mindful of allergies. Definitely no raw fish at Burgoo, and beef is not a dominant ingredient in many of their offerings:


        2. My daughter's friends seem to like New Bohemian, on W. Broadway, so you may wish to check it out. Calhouns, also on W. Broadway, while not exactly CH material, is open 24 hrs, and so is popular with students.