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May 18, 2011 07:05 PM

Isla Mujeres - Fish Markets

Does anyone know if there are any good fish markets on Isla Mujeres? Ideally i would love it if there were a place where you could buy directly from the fisherman, but in the absence of that, are there any good fish markets?

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  1. I think Cockteleria Justicia Social is the local fish coop/pescaderia where fishermen come in with their catch. On Avenida Medina across from the military base. And Playa Lancheros , mid island,serves the tikin xic baked fish dish.

    1. I've never seen a fresh fish market anywhere on the island - not at either public market and no to anywhere else. I have seen a couple of places that seem to have frozen fish which may or may not be locally caught. I saw one of these in Salina Chica (about halfway to Colonia La Gloria and one in La Gloria as well (on the bay side road). But I'd do as crewsweeper suggested and ask at the Cockteleria Justicia Social. Or if you are able to find Veradero restaurant (the small hidden Cuban place off the main road) they seem to have a lot of contact with fishermen so may know someone selling fresh fish.

      Warning: if you go to Playa Lancheros the tikin xic is GIGANTIC (but delicious). There were 6 of us so we ordered lunch for 6 and we had leftovers for two days afterwards. The fish was the size of a coffee table. People kept walking past our table and staring at us as if we had somehow managed to cook Moby Dick.

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        Usually tikin xic is prepared with a large redfish (up to a meter) on Sundays for local family outings. I recall ordering one just for me, cuz' I had to have it. I got the same puzzled looks.

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          I think they told us it was grouper. Whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious but ridiculously gigantic.

      2. When we stay on Isla we rent a golf cart and the guy who rents it to us usually gets us a lobster or two from his fisherman friends!

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          That's good livin'! One can do the same on Isla Holbox.

        2. Are there any "cant miss" places to eat on the island? We are looking for anything from a hole in the wall with fresh seafood to a fancy place (if such a thing exists on the island). The only requirement is that the food is good and fresh.

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            Here's the best resource for Isla eating:

            I've tried many of the restaurants and Holly Eats is a pretty good guide. You should also read my post from our most recent trip in March:

            It's a really good island for food. Excellent fresh seafood everywhere and lots of character. Have a great trip.

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              Everything is fresh except shrimp.

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                good to know. is that always the case?

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                  Shrimp come from the bay of Campeche and Veracruz, always frozen, correctly. Shrimp are not harvested on the Yucatan Caribbean because they aren't there. I have been a diver in that region for decades, and I vouch for the statistic.

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                I live on Isla. My favorite places for fish....Fredy's for his Fredy's special baked snapper...La Bruja for their Sunday chipachole special (spicy red seafood stew, don't wear a white shirt & get there early they sell out fast)...Alexia & Giovanni's for their fish tacos (not fried, snapper or grouper)....Brisas Grill for the shrimp diablo (all their shrimp dishes are excellent)....BoBo's Fish & Chips for his fried fish & homemade tarter sauce (they are on vacation until October) of the coctelerias on Medina for mixed ceviche or/& a mixed cocktail.

                But my very favorite is when my husband goes fishing & brings me back wahoo & tuna so I can make sushi & sashimi!

                Another "can't miss" but I never order fish is Olivia. It is a Mediterranean restaurant owned by a couple from Israel. The food is wonderful & the ambiance is incredible. They fill up fast even in low season. So make a reservation for the garden. They are open Tuesdays through Saturday for dinner. I am going tonight with friends for dinner. I have been thinking about what I am going to order all day! It's a toss up between the mousaka or the shishlik (grilled chicken thighs on a skewer w/ tahini & hummus). It is all so good!!

                Isla has so many wonderful restuarants you will not leave the Island hungry! Have fun on your vacation.

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                  Best time is the billfishing tournaments in Isla and Puerto Morelos, end of May, start of June. Hot as hades, though.

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                    When did Olivia open? I just looked at the website and it looks awesome.

                2. I had been reading that lobster season just started on the island and was hoping to be able to find a place to buy a couple of live lobsters to cook myself. If i cant, its not the end of the world as it sounds like there are plenty of good restaurants to get cooked lobsters. If anyone does know of a place or a person that can get me access to a few live ones, that would also be great.