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May 18, 2011 06:56 PM

Division Street Grill - Peekskill great burger- lettuce well past its prime.

went for lunch today. Had a salad with grilled vegetables. grilled vegetable part was great, as was the dressing. There was a funny taste to some of the field greens, and several leaves well past their prime. I mentioned it to bus person we took it back, the server asked about it, I encouraged her to go see for herself. It appeared on the bill!. Since we had eaten the non lettuce portion, I did not say anything. due to the lettuce issue, will not return. BTW- the burger was great.

Division Street Grill
26 N Division St, Peekskill, NY 10566

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  1. We were there last fall before a Brian Regan show. We all enjoyed our mains (one filet, 2 orders of short ribs) and my son and I wanted creme brulee for dessert. His was gorgeous. Mine was black. I sent it back. They brought back the same creme brulee as before (the custard still filled with charred bits of sugar from the now-absent shell) with a new top precariously perched on a raised lump of custard. The custard itself still tasted strongly of the carbonized sugar, so I ended up giving it to my husband to finish (luckily, he was still hungry enough to eat it). Not a place I'd want to go to again.

    1. this may be the single most over rated restaurant in Westchester.
      It's mediocre at its best, and irritating at its worst.

      If they were in Manhattan they'd close in a week.