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Last-Minute Birthday Cake -- Help!

Does anyone know where I can buy a good cake/dessert, something that will serve 4-5 people? I need something for tomorrow and I have no idea where to go!


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  1. cocoa locale on parc (b/n villeneuve and st. joseph, i believe) !! it's the BEST for cakes. really interesting and beautiful choices.

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    1. re: kellyhay

      thanks, i will check this place out tomorrow!
      do you think they will have something already pre-made?

      if they're sold out, where else can I go besides the supermarket?

      1. re: dooten

        It is only pre-made she doesnt take orders. Go early if you dont want it to be sold out.

    2. Lafrenia in st.leonard is awesome and they always have cakes ready...

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        I second Cocoa Locale - but do go early as SourberryLily said. I think they open at 11 am or noon - you can call: 514-271-7162. 4807 du Parc.

        Délices Lafrenaie is also good but their cakes are huge and serve 8-12. Totally different style of cake than Cocoa Locale, you can see pics on their site. They now have 3 locations: http://www.lesdeliceslafrenaie.com/

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          As al alternative Try Marius et Fanny. Their cakes are truly amazing.

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          My vote is Lafrenaie.... yes they're big cakes but who's complaining!

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            I only mentioned it cause the OP asked for something to serve 4-5. Then again, leftover Lafrenaie cake ain't too bad for breakfast. ;-P

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              Mmmmm coffee and cake monrning sugar rush is the BEST!

        3. Know of any place else similar to Cocoa Locale for cake? Similar dilemma as the OP but I called Cocoa Locale today, and she's on "spring break" until later this week. Bad timing for me! Looking for a more homestyle cake rather than a patisserie style cake. (Prefer: no supermarket cakes)

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            havent tried it but this place can do simpler as well as fancy, they do whatever you want but likely pricey....


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                Perhaps Yuki Bakery on Sherbrooke W. (near Vendome Metro) for Japanese-style cakes or cupcakes, which has been recommended on CH.

                Or Fous Desserts on Laurier Est for a chocolatey cake (incl. white chocolate), or Le Fromentier on Laurier Est for lemon or chocolate tart.

                Also, Sweet Lee's Rustic Bakery in Verdun offers a variety of rustic cheesecakes and cakes (not sure if they're 4 or more servings) that are definitely more homestyle that pastry shops.

                Years ago when l'Oeuf Neuf was in the village, their pastries and cakes were great. I don't know if it's the same folks at Papineau and Gilford (it's the same sign so perhaps so).

              2. Pekarna for quick fix not fancy cakes; they always have a couple ready to go.