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May 18, 2011 06:15 PM

Nashville Fri/Sat with an 8yr old

Hey All
Will be visiting Nashville Friday and Saturday with wife and 8 yr old daughter (very used to dining in any type of restaurant!)
Were staying at Opryland, but would like to eat at least 1 dinner and all lunches away from the resort-
Were fine with all price points, likely mid-upscale price for dinners, as long as its cool with kids-a kids menu is not needed-we'll be heading to Memphis on Sunday (yes to see Graceland) and staying at the Peabody
Any tips would be appreciated

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  1. I think Monell's would work really well for a group such as yours, you'll also get to experience truly southern food.

    They now have a location close to the airport as well as the main location in the Germantown area just a few minutes north of downtown.

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    1. re: pete k

      Thanks-that looks like a good option for lunch or bfast as well-
      Were may just do the first night at Old Hickory Steakhouse at Opryland (It will have been a long day of travel) and then next evening dinner at City house-

      1. re: montreal traveller

        We'll be at cityhouse w/ our 8 yr. old on Sat. PM too & then also heading to Memphis on Sun. for Graceland also !
        We also love pancake pantry for breakfast...
        and loveless cafe for lunch.

        1. re: montreal traveller

          You could certainly do a lot worse than Old Hickory, the prices are on the higher side, but that's to be expected of such a place in a resort.

          I almost recommended City House but decided against since the volumes tend to get REALLY loud in the main dining room. The patio or the upstairs dining area make for a much more relaxed and quiet meal. The food in my opinion is some of the best in Nashville, you're family hopefully will enjoy it.

          City House
          1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

          1. re: pete k

            They are great with youngsters at City House. We take our grandchildren frequently and see lots of other families especially earlier in the evening

            City House
            1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

      2. So were back!
        We had a fantastic trip to Nashville and Memphis
        The Opryland hotel was expectedly over the top, but our daughter got a kick out of it-the indoor gardens etc are really well done-
        Our first stop was for lunch-we had heard some interesting reviews of TAVERN, and it was great-a beautiful day, they had the large patio doors open-We really enjoyed the service and food-its really interesting design wise too
        For dinner we had originally booked at Old Hickory within the resort-but changed our reservation to Ravello-also within Opryland-it was very good, and their patio setting is very nice

        The next day we headed downtown to check out the sites, we decided on lunch at Rippy's as we wanted to hear some live music and enjoy some bbq-Great atmosphere and lots of fun
        That night we headed to City House, which lived up to the reviews, great setting, interesting dishes and great cocktails too-try the Dark and Stormy! The room had great energy-but at no time did we find it loud in anyway, we were seated in the upper area, so maybe this is why..

        We headed to Memphis the next am-as we had bought tix for the 2pm Graceland tour-which was great-the immediate area around Graceland is in pretty rough shape-lots of closed business and really no good options for food-definitely eat prior to heading to the area.

        We checked into the Peabody-and had some snacks in the lobby-for dinner we walked over to the Majestic Grill on South Main which was a reccomendation from the concierge
        The Majestic is a historic movie theater converted to a nice mid-upscale restaurant-pretty extensive menu-nothing out of the ordinary, but steaks were great, as was the very personable server-they do have a kids menu-but were also willing to do 1/2 orders of anything on the regular menu
        Our last lunch was at Blues City Cafe on Beale for Ribs, which was a recommendation from our server at Majestic-ribs were great and a nice way to end the trip
        All in all a great trip! Happy to answer any questions-
        Cheers and thanks

        Blues City Cafe
        138 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103