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May 18, 2011 06:09 PM

Instant Coffee in the Fridge?

All you coffe snobs need not respond - lol!!!

Okay, I'm just a one-cup-in-the-morning coffee person & my coffee machine (Senseo) seems to have bitten the dust. So I've been enjoying Folger's Crystals instant coffee (which is really quite good) until I decide on a coffee machine replacement.

Although it doesn't say anything on the jar, is it best to keep instant coffee in the fridge?

Many thanks, even if many of you consider this coffee sacrelige - lol!!!

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  1. I don't drink instant coffee, but from time to time I've purchased instant coffee and instant espresso powder to use in baking. I've found that when stored in the cupboard the coffee eventually gets some kind of cottony, spider-webby stuff growing on the surface and throughout, which I assume is mold, so I'd think that storing in the fridge might mitigate this weird growth.

    1. Store it in a cupboard. Absolutely no need whatsoever to store it in the fridge.

      1. The issue with having the instant coffee in the fridge is taking it out and in again and that might cause condensation which will "melt" the coffee particules.

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          Exactly. The only thing you have to worry about is humidity. Store in the jar and keep it dry.

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            Thanks all - in the cupboard it will stay!