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chipotles en adobo storage

after I open a can of chipotles- how long do they keep- I often have more than I need and sthey sit till I need them again.


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  1. My friend gave me a great tip: place each individual pepper with a bit of sauce in a section of an ice cube tray. They'll freeze up into cubes and you can pop them out and place them all in a tiny plastic bag and bring one out whenever you need to use them. Lasts awhile in the freezer that way!

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      Good tip. I do this myself. And if you throw them into a chili or stew, there's no need to thaw!

    2. Mine lasted a heck of a long time transferred to a jar and kept in the fridge. Months. BTW, I enjoy the confluence of your two Chow names, married90days and singleguychef. But married, shouldn't you be updating your name on a daily basis?

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      1. I just pour what ever leftovers I have into a small sandwich bag and just sort of flatten it with my hand and then put a twistie tie on it...then freeze it...it easily cuts with a knife even when frozen (for me anyway with a sharp knife)...the ice cube tray thing is too fussy for me but it's a good idea too! I do the same with leftover tomato paste...spoon into a baggie...flatten it out a bit and freeze...I can break or cut off any part I need for other recipes.

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          val beat me to it. i puree the peppers and sauce together, and then put them into a zip top sandwich bag, pressing flat. then i can just snap off a portion as needed. i hated to have it go to waste when i would find it in the dim recesses of the fridge, becoming a science experiment. i can tell no difference in quality once frozen.

        2. I move them into a glass jar and they keep for months in the fridge.

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          1. I always keep a jar of pureed Chipotle in my fridge so it's handy to use a little in my cooking and as a condiment. It keeps for a long time -- I think the vinegar in the adobo sauce is a natural preservatrive.

            1. I puree the peppers and sauce and portion it into an ice cube tray in 1-tablespoons, freeze, and transfer the cubes to a baggie.

              1. I'm also a puree person. I put the contents of the can, chiles and sauce, and buzz til smooth, then scrape into a glass jar and run a film of olive oil over the top. One heaping teaspoon is about equal to one chile. I re-level the puree and add a little more olive oil every time I scoop some out. I've had a jar in the fridge for at least a year and it still tastes fine and has no little yuckies growing on it.

                1. I gave up having to deal with the issue and now just keep a bottle of Tabasco chipotle sauce in the fridge. It keeps fine and imparts the same flavor.

                  1. Going on 3+ weeks now in the fridge without noticeable loss of flavor. From the can I just moved them into a plastic container (nothing special). Random guess on flavor loss would be a couple of months.

                    1. I ladle individual chilies with some sauce on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking tray then freeze it. I put the frozen chili/sauce combo in a zip lock bag in the freezer.

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                        I do the same. It's easier for me to grab a couple out of the freezer this way than to remember what quantity of puree I may need. They last forever in the freezer.

                        I'm not going to buy ice cube trays just for this....although the trays would come in handy for freezing herbs (but that's another show).

                      2. The heat of chiles is a preservative. I just put a little salad oil on top and keep it in the fridge. Stays fine for months.

                        1. Add me to the list of people who portion and freeze it. Works out really well. One pepper and a bit of sauce. When you pull it out, while frozen, it minces pretty easy too.

                          1. I freeze it all in a lump, then slightly defrost and chip off what I need. I personally got mold growing on it when I stored it in the firdge, but I am pretty sure I contaminated the jar or something.

                            1. I just cover the opened can with aluminum foil. The longest I have done this is about six months and they never went bad.