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May 18, 2011 04:28 PM

chipotles en adobo storage

after I open a can of chipotles- how long do they keep- I often have more than I need and sthey sit till I need them again.


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  1. My friend gave me a great tip: place each individual pepper with a bit of sauce in a section of an ice cube tray. They'll freeze up into cubes and you can pop them out and place them all in a tiny plastic bag and bring one out whenever you need to use them. Lasts awhile in the freezer that way!

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    1. re: singleguychef

      Good tip. I do this myself. And if you throw them into a chili or stew, there's no need to thaw!

    2. Mine lasted a heck of a long time transferred to a jar and kept in the fridge. Months. BTW, I enjoy the confluence of your two Chow names, married90days and singleguychef. But married, shouldn't you be updating your name on a daily basis?

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      1. I just pour what ever leftovers I have into a small sandwich bag and just sort of flatten it with my hand and then put a twistie tie on it...then freeze easily cuts with a knife even when frozen (for me anyway with a sharp knife)...the ice cube tray thing is too fussy for me but it's a good idea too! I do the same with leftover tomato paste...spoon into a baggie...flatten it out a bit and freeze...I can break or cut off any part I need for other recipes.

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        1. re: Val

          val beat me to it. i puree the peppers and sauce together, and then put them into a zip top sandwich bag, pressing flat. then i can just snap off a portion as needed. i hated to have it go to waste when i would find it in the dim recesses of the fridge, becoming a science experiment. i can tell no difference in quality once frozen.

        2. I move them into a glass jar and they keep for months in the fridge.

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          1. I always keep a jar of pureed Chipotle in my fridge so it's handy to use a little in my cooking and as a condiment. It keeps for a long time -- I think the vinegar in the adobo sauce is a natural preservatrive.