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May 18, 2011 03:04 PM

Dallas Wedding Restaurant

Greetings Dallas Chowhounds.
I am looking for some advice regarding my Wedding dinner. We are planning to get married early next June, most likely at the Dallas Arboretum and are looking for have a spectacular, memorable dinner. We will be a party of six including a 9 and 14 year old. Originally, we were looking at French restaurants such as The Mansion, St. Germaine or the French Room (We are still thinking of getting a room at one of these three places to stay our wedding night.) However, the more we think about it, the more we wonder if this is not the best choice for our group. We will have two children at least one of which is a fussy eater. So, we have now started thinking about a high level steakhouse. Our thoughts currently include places such as Pappas Brothers steakhouse, Capital Grill, and III Forks. We are looking for a steakhouse which has at least some seafood and non steak options and we are more interested in varied appetizers than dessert as we plan to bring our own wedding cake. Of course we would be thrilled to get a private room but a quick look tells me that for most of these places 6 people would be too few to do this. I know it is more than a year away but we hope to wrap up some of the details this summer. Any ideas and experience you can give are appreciated.

III Forks
17776 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

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  1. Hi there!

    Your wedding sounds very similar to the one my fiance and I are planning. Congrats! :)

    I have done a lot of research on the local restaurants so hopefully I will be able to help you out. I would say to stay away from Hotel St. Germain because after a conversation with them, they aren't very kind to people planning small weddings. The French Room would be a wonderful choice, and I'm sure they would make it a great night for you. The only problem could be the kiddos sitting through several courses and hours of a meal. I think if you get married on a Friday night, Saturday lunch or a Sunday you will have better options for private spaces as well.

    -Charlie Palmer (Private Room for less than 10) wonderful food

    -Bolla at the Stoneleigh Hotel (the chefs table)

    -Bijoux (has a private room)

    -Hibiscus (has a private room)

    -The Mansion on Turtle Creek (several private rooms)

    -Stephan Pyles (has a private room)

    -Tillman's Roadhouse (private room requires 14 people)

    Best of luck to you with your planning!

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      Thank you for your suggestions and Congratulations to you as well. We had originally wanted to do the entire thing at the St. Germaine but after talking to them we confirmed they do not like to arrange small weddings. Thus our decision to have our ceremony at the Arboretum.
      We are actually looking to do this on a Thursday afternoon which we hope will increase our options. I will look into your suggestions and thank you.
      Also, has anyone eaten at the Crescent Room? The website suggests that if you stay at the hotel you will get access to the private restaurant and it looks beautiful. However, I cannot find a menu online anywhere. They are currently running specials like get a suite for one night for $525.00 inludes dinner for two at the crescent room and then breakfast for two at the conservatory as well as a bottle of champagne. As we assumed our dinner bill for 6 would be around $100 per person anyway and our hotel stay at about $300 this might be workable if they will allow all six of us to eat there (and they have private rooms as well).
      Again, thanks for any help.

      1. re: nomnomTX85

        -Charlie Palmer (Private Room for less than 10) wonderful food

        -Bijoux (has a private room)

        I can comment a bit on two of the options suggested by NomnomTX85.

        I eat around once a month or so at both Bijoux and Charlie Palmer. The food at both is excellent, although I think it's half a notch better at Bijoux. The wine list is better (and better priced) at Charlie Palmer.

        I don't know if Bijoux can accommodate you or not, but I know exactly how you can find out. Call the restaurant late one afternoon and ask for Gina Gottlich. She runs the front of the house. She will help you and answer all your questions, good or bad. She will be very honest, and if she says it will be done, it will. She is a co-owner and the chef's wife. It's a lovely place to dine, the service is wonderful, but low key. And the food is heavenly. If you explain that it's a special occasion, explain the kids, etc., I can't imagine that she won't tell you that won't be a problem, especially if they have a private room. I'm sure a small steak can be prepared by the kitchen for the picky eater. Thursday late afternoon, I'm not so sure, but she will be delighted to discuss you options with you. It's just that kind of place and Gina is great to work with. And you can take what she says to the bank.

        I'm not sure who to talk to at Charlie Palmer. It's going to be the general manager. I can see his face as I'm typing, but I can't call his name off the top of my head. But he's a very friendly guy. Accommodating. I'm sure that they will answer all you questions, too. And I would certainly imagine that their kitchen can accommodate the picky eater. And if you're a wino like I am, it's a really nice, well selected list that essentially sells at no mark up.

        If there's a specific question you have about either place, I'd be glad to answer it. In fact, were it not for the Mavs game, I'd probably be eating on one of the two tomorrow night.

      2. Close friends were married at the St. Germain Hotel three years ago. Absolute best wedding I've ever attended. Including any of my three! Food and service etc, were amazing!

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Mike and Twin,

          Thank you for your help. I will definitely be contacting them. As for the St Germaine, It no longer looks like it will be workable. They have advised they would not be able to accomodate a small wedding like ours. We are still examining all options. Our latest find is the Inn on lake Granbury which we originally though of as a nice place to stay our wedding night (our honeymoon is scheduled for three weeks later to Vancouver) but the website pictures are so beautiful we plan to head down there in the next month or so and see if maybe we might just do the whole thing in one place as we had originally hoped at the St. Germaine. They seem much more willing to accomodate a small party and we feel our needs are pretty simple and our budget should be adequate.
          I really appreciate everyones help, please feel free to offer any other ideas that come up and i will let you all know when we make some decisions.

          1. re: ronaldpedwards

            Sorry the St. Germaine couldn't work. The wedding I attended there was indeed, "magical". But the wedding party filled the entire place and they were closed to the public that evening.
            I sincerely hope that wherever you have your wedding, it's magical for you and your new "better half".
            My very best wishes to you both for a wonderful life together. And remember, the secret to a successful marriage is your learning to say, "yes dear".