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May 18, 2011 02:05 PM

Ledo Pizza

I grew up in MD and took for granted how utterly delicious a plain cheese pizza from Ledo was. The crust is thin and flaky, the sauce is sweet, and the cheese is smoky. Anyone have a good copycat recipe?

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  1. If you ever find one Messy, please give it to all of the franchisee's, I wish they could make a "real" Ledo pizza. None of them come close to the original Ledo's owned by the Maros family.

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      I know. There is one here in Raleigh that is nothing but a rectangular puddle of grease!

    2. Everyone needs to remember: the Ledo Pizza chain is NOT, I repeat NOT part of the Ledo Resteraunt that was in Adelphi/Hyattsville, MD and now is College Park on Knox Road. Never has been, never will be. The resteraunt has nothing to do with the chain. If you want the REAL Ledo's Resteraunt pizza, you have to go to College Park. I once thought it was the same, but was corrected some time ago. I grew up on Ledo Resteraunt pizza and find the new location has stuck pretty much to the original receipe with a couple changes. The crust is still thin, flaky and crisp, the tomato sauce sweet. They have changed some of the toppings (thick bacon instead of thin).

      Food for thought...the next time you are up in the College Park area, call ahead and have Ledo's do a half-cooked pizza and take it home to freeze. I do this all the time (have one on the counter now to thaw and finsh cooking) and I live in PA, about 4-4 1/2 hours away.

      Unfortunately, free parking at the new location is next to impossible (unless Ledo's offers free parking validation). I was lucky my one time in College Park and was able to pull into a spot on the street as someone pulled out.

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        I have to disagree that the LEDO chain is not the same as the one in the College Park area. It has sold franchisees in several states such as FL, NC, PA and several in MD in addition to the one near College Park. I have eaten in all of them with the exception of the one in Raleigh, NC . The pizza was identical in all of them. The crust is very similar to a pie crust but a little less flakey. The pepperoni in all locations was extra thick.

        The locations in FL and PA and there was also one in Bel Air Maryland about 20 years ago have all closed. It was obvious this was due to the parent company not advertising and making promotions and does all their pizza competition does.

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          The Ledo's Italian Restaurant and the Ledo's Pizza chains are two totally separate entities, the result of a family break-up or dispute many years ago. The recipe is the same.
          I grew up on Ledo's Italian Restaurant pizza when it was on University Blvd in Adelphi, MD and asked the owner about this before that store closed and moved to the College Park location.
          The store in Raleigh closed a few years ago. It was located in a dark hotel that I even had trouble finding. There was rumor of one opening in Morrisville, NC, but that strip mall fell thru.
          Yes, you are correct, the pizza recipe is the same. But, no, they are not under the same umbrella.

      2. i used to work at a ledo's in Anne Arundel County when i was in high school and i really wish i could remember what the dough recipe was. the cheese they used was provolone though.

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          1. re: messy_chef

            i dont think so. i remember the dough being water, yeast, oil, sugar, and salt. can't recall anything else. thinking about this is making me hungry!

          2. Well, it isn't Ledo but you could try the new Ultimate Cheese Pizza on thin crust at your local Pizza Hut.

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              Ledo's Pizza is crust is like no other that I have ever eaten. I hate it! but Mom loves it. It is more like a pie crust than a yeast raised dough. I really doubt that anything Pizza Hut does is like it.

            2. Ledos now sells their sauce. I haven't tried it yet to see how' true it is to the original. I believe the crust is a puff pastry dough. Probably not the classic recipe as that would rise too much and be too oily/buttery. Try a recipe for blitz puff pastry. I never thought the sauce was much more than a basic marinara sauce with some extra oregano and some sugar added.