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Feb 14, 2006 01:27 PM

Need a Great Butcher

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Looking for a great butcher shop today for prime...hopefully around weho/hollywood/bev hill area.
thanks, chow.

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    1. I know it is a chain but how about Hows? Their prime NY strip is on sale tomorrow for 6.99/lb.

      1. Goto HOWIES MARKET in San Gabriel.

        The butcher there is old-school, will take care of you, sells prime cuts as well.

        6580 North San Gabriel Blvd.,
        San Gabriel
        (626) 286-8871

        1. I have my differences with Bristol Farms, and it isn't cheap, but if I were in Hollywood, in a hurry, that's where I would go. I tend to go to Alexander Meats myself.

          1. It might be a trek for you but Alexander's Meats in San Gabriel would be worth the trip. The butchers have been in the business for years and know their way around. The meat is prime and dry aged. It is one of the few places that don't buy boxed beef.

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              Try Victor's in the Culver City/Cheviot Hills area - they're the best along with Owens Market on Pico and Roxbury. But Victor's prices are always more reasonable. They are however, a bit hard to find. Go down Motor to Palms, make a left and bear right just before you come to the 10 FWY overpass - there's a sign that says NY Pizza by the Slice (The Coop) They're in that tiny strip mall.