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May 18, 2011 11:05 AM

Stopsky's Deli?

Anyone make it there yet? We tried last night (day 2 of them being opened), but they were closed due to being out of food given high demand.

Menu looks great -

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  1. I went on opening morning. Big mistake. Had basically nothing and the staff, while nice, took over 20 minutes to deal with 3 people waiting at the to go counter basically just to get take out coffee and some of the few baked items they actually had. No bagels at 9 am on opening morning? It was my error. I never go to places when they open, but I was so excited to try this place I violated that rule. Never again. But I will try them again as what little I did see was good. Just going to give them a month or two to shake things out.

    1. I went this morning around 11am to beat the breakfast and lunch rushes. Perfect timing, got seated immediately. It's true, they don't have the rhythm quite down yet--but it's their first week, so that's understandable. As such, they run out of some items far too quickly (they had neither the wagyu pastrami nor the turkey pastrami), but I fully expect them to figure things out within a week or two.

      As for the food: it is excellent. Their bagels have perfect texture, the matzo ball soup is delicious (if the broth is a little untraditional), and best of all, the pastrami is world-class. Thick, moist, fatty, and smoky. Order the hot pastrami on their housemade rye and spicy mustard. It is fantastic. No one else in Seattle is making pastrami like this, no one.

      The one thing I didn't like: the pickles. They tasted fishy. I hope they change the brine.

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      1. re: WikiAdam

        I've been twice. Both times they were out of food and "closed" with lame excuses. This does not bode well. This is a PR fiasco, and most of us won't be coming back.

        1. re: tstrum

          It's the first week. Don't get so worked up.

            1. re: dagrassroots

              OK, I'll wait to hear from you when you think it is safe to return.

              1. re: tstrum

                Haha, good call. I really would try getting there around 11am on a weekday a shot, though. You're right between breakfast and lunch there. Well, at least I had good luck then.

      2. Truth be told, I really wanted to like this place right from the start, as I work on Mercer Island, which has miserable food options, particulary so when one considers its wealthy populus. When your best lunch might be a $4.40 bahn mi reluctantly served by a surly woman working the counter at a dumbed-down pho shop, or else jo-jos and infrared chicken at QFC, you know you are in a bad way.

        I've had the whitefish and pastrami sandwiches, potato salad, and a bit of bagel. The sandwiches were good, probably the whitefish the better. The pastrami has a good smoky, spicy crust, very thick cut, but not as moist as the best I've had in NYC. Is it better than Goldberg's? Probably. I love NY Deli? Probably not. The smoked whitefish was very fresh tasting, and came with some sort of cress, which was a welcome update (I LOVE NY imports the stuff from BK). However, for $10.75, I'd expect to have a thicker spread, esp. compared to back east, where it is commonly laid thick on a bagel. The potato salad I had today was nearly crunchy and way undercooked, which is too bad because the dressing was solid. I agree with an earlier poster that the pickles had an odd, slightly unsettling funk to them.

        Even if I had better alternatives on the island than, say, Qudoba and Quizno's (I don't), I would welcome a return visit to Stopsky's; will try the tongue, knish and corned beef/reuben next.

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        1. re: equinoise

          PROBABLY better than Goldberg's???

          1. re: WikiAdam

            And Robin has left the building. I wish I knew the whole story, but I don't. Andrew is still shown on the website, but I was told he was sacked as well. I cannot confirm that.

            1. re: tsquare

              I just read about this on Eater Seattle. They say Andrew's still on staff, but who knows. I just hope the quality of the pastrami doesn't take a hit. I was really happy to finally be able to get great pastrami here.

              1. re: WikiAdam

                My second visit, and there won't be a third. When a restaurant opens, you expect problems, but the ones I experienced were pretty severe. The pickled items tasted bad, the orders did not arrive with any consistency and the overall quality was spotty. When you have people taking orders for deli items that have NO IDEA what the menu items are, there are always problems. Clearly the staff has not been educated. Also, the table next to me ordered the potato pancakes and were horrified at what was brought to their table. The chef then came out and apologized saying they were "experimenting" . This is never a good term to use with diners.