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May 18, 2011 10:53 AM

Terrible Service at Victory 44

It's unfortunate that after spending nearly an hour here last night, I cannot comment on the food at all. We arrived at about 7:15, hoping to try the 2-for-1 Tasting menu. Upon arrival, we were not greeted by anyone, as there doesn't appear to be a host/hostess stand. Eventually a man told us to sit wherever we liked. We found a table and began the longest wait either of us have ever experienced. In hindsight, I certainly should have approached somebody.

At 7:45, a waitress finally came over and asked if we needed a drink (disregarding the ridiculous wait, not to mention the fact we were never given a drink menu). Inexplicably, she left before we could answer and gave us a drink menu and a couple of waters (a 30 minute wait for water!). She then left again and said she'd be right with us for our order. 15 minutes later, she still wasn't back. We decided we'd leave at 8. At 8 on the dot a different waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order. We gave him our drink order and ordered the tasting menu. When we ordered the tasting, he looked toward the board (where it said 5-8pm), and I swear, was about to tell us the 2-for-1 deal expired at 8. He appeared to change his mind when he saw our angry anticipatory faces. Instead, he meekly apologized and said the tasting menu would take a very long time, and we would likely be there for 1.5-2 hours. We finally got up and left. Incidentally, we went to Taqueria la Hacienda and had an amazing meal for half the price with a tenth of the wait.

I've literally never experienced service this bad, it was really inexcusable, and I'll likely never be going back there.

Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. I have had hit or miss experiences with the wait time. I agree, some organization is needed. Service is one of the things you expect from V44 as well. Sometimes I wonder if they are just understaffed or don't anticipate influx in volume well.

    With that said the food has always been good, with the exception of some bacon frites that had to be sent back b/c they were cold. Other than that great restaurant but yeah...a little better service will keep it there for years to come.

    1. What's the point of sitting around for 30 minutes slowly getting mad? If nobody greets you once seated within 5 minutes, get someone's attention!
      V44's service, while personable, has always been prone to spotty performance if the customer expects traditional restaurant behavior. So yes, their process failed but by not speaking up you managed to turn an oversight into a rather unpleasant evening for yourself.

      1. I'm wondering how long you would expect a tasting menu to take...isn't a couple hours typical?

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          It's only three courses. I think the problem is that, with everyone ordering the same thing, there is a back-log at the work stations. Seems fixable.

          1. re: kevin47

            We weren't sitting around for 30 minutes getting mad; we were happily chatting with each other until we noticed it had been 30+ minutes.

            As to the next post, of course I would expect a tasting menu to take perhaps a couple hours. I would also expect it to commence before the first hour was over.

        2. I've experienced plenty of up and down service too, so I tend to go at off hours and I sit at the bar.

          1. I definitely sympathize with you - sounds infuriating.

            Because of some similar experiences (not at Victory 44, where I had a fine time, but maybe they are hit or miss), I've made a personal rule - if I'm already angry about something before I owe a restaurant any money, I leave. Chances are things will not improve.

            Victory 44
            2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN