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May 18, 2011 09:35 AM

What to do with my tough chicken

This is Part Two of the "before I complain to the grocery store" post about my Crockpot lemon chicken failure. Posters think I got an old chicken. Minus the two thighs and legs, there's a LOT leftover. Right now my husband and I really don't want to face it, but I hate wasting food. Should I toss it or can something be done with a somewhat tough/dry chicken?

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  1. Assuming you have bones and meat intact, and some of the liquids from the original dish are included, may I suggest putting it into a large pot and cooking it until it falls off the bones, the chop it up and continue with it as a soup/stew base to which you can add vegetables and perhaps dumplings.
    If it's too stringy to work well chopped you can grind the meat pieces (meat grinder or food processor) to soften the texture in a soup or stew.

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