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May 18, 2011 09:09 AM

lake garda?

Hi -- we're going to the Gargnano area in mid-June and have no idea where to eat. I've heard mixed things about La Tortuga (which I ate in around 20 years ago and had a good, reasonably priced meal -- not so sure that I'd have either experience today!). We're looking for both hole-in-the-wall 'hounder type experiences and also just plain old wonderful food. Thanks!

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  1. Well, it's an hour and a half drive from where you will be staying, and I don't know if it fits your budget since you did not specify one, but I would strongly recommend making the trip to La Rucola in Sirmione.

    La Rucola
    Vicolo Strentelle, Sirmione, Lombardy 25019, IT

    1. If you drive or take the bus south, there are quite a number of places in Gardone Riviera and Salo, including the Locanda agli Angeli, Osteria di Mezzo and Osteria delll'Orologio. We stayed at the Angeli a couple of years ago and liked everything about the place very much - they do have a new chef now - we are returning but two weeks after you so we cant give a current report.

      If you go to the restaurant page (for example by clicking on the Angeli or Rucola link) and navigate around on the map you will see other choices in Brenzone, Bardolino, etc etc.

      you could always take a boat or the car ferry to the other side, to expand your choices.or to go down to Sirmione, Taverna Kus, on the other side is a Slowfood Snail/Spiral place, and I have heard that that whole area arond Monte Baldo is worht a visit. Once you are on the Veneto side in a car, vineyard visits become possible.

      I am looking forward to your report back. Im having problems linking tonight and will have to try again tomorrow.

      Locanda Agli Angeli
      Gardone Sopra, Via Dosso 7, Gardone Riviera, Lombardia 25083, IT