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May 18, 2011 08:57 AM

leftover grilled salmon

I have about a 1/2 pound of leftover grilled salmon. Any ideas for a hearty main dish using this salmon? Thanks!

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  1. A salmon nicoise salad- lettuce with blanched green beans, hardboiled eggs, sundried tomatoes, and tiny roasted or boiled potatoes. I like a light creamy dressing for this type of salad, maybe something tahini based.

    1. Break it up in a white sauce and use it with pasta (spaghetti, in a casserole with lasagna noodles) or as an ingredient in a dinner salad main course with Asian wheat noodles and an Asian dressing. You can use it as an ingredient in just about anything that you might consider using left-over chicken with.

      1. Says salad to me as you want a main dish.

        In the ordinary course of events, though, that's be finding it's way onto my lunchtime sandwich - mayo, cucumber, maybe some crisp lettuce leaves.

        1. Croquettes? Not terribly hearty but with buns, condiment, slaw, etc. quite filling.

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            jfood's slamon croquettes, to be precise:)

          2. Make salmon cakes and turn them into po-boys on French bread (banh mi style if available) with a nice slaw type garnish as part of a meal.