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Best (NON-Buffalo flavored) Wings in Boston?

I like a WIDE variety of flavors, and am already a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wings....

Who can compete?

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  1. My favorite wing in the area is the Spicy Carolina Wings at Bison County in Waltham. Sligtly smoked, crisped on the grill then dabbed with a fruity habenero/mustard sauce and served with some extra on the side.

    Best buffalo wings I've had in the area has been at Buff's I guess - pretty good but not great Buffalo wings. Also have had some pretty good ones (and some pretty bad ones) at Chicken Bone in Framingham. Still need to try Wendell's.

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    1. Buffalo Wings - Buff's
      Hot spicy Asian wings - Bon Chon Chicken, Allston

        1. re: okra

          Not so much interested in Buffalo flavored Wings, I guess I didn't make that clear enough....

          I'm looking for the cajun's of the world, the spicy asian's, the carribean jerks, the parmesan garlic

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            ahhh, my bad. Next time I'll read before I write! :)

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              I didn't make it clear enough in my original post, so I edited it to make it more clear

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            +1 for the Honey Hot wings @ Buff's, and for the Hot Spicy Wings @ Bon Chon Chicken. Also, a shout out for the S&S wings @ the S&S Deli.

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              Another vote for the honey hot wings at Buff's. Also like the jamaican jerk at Wing-it but sometimes you get good wings there and sometimes they are tough and dry.

            2. Wings of Ass Destruction at East Coast Grill.

              East Coast Grill and Raw Bar
              1271 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                East Coast Grill generally has a great wing item on their app menu. It changes regularly.

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                  I'll second Angelina" wings, nice lemon-garlic flavor

                2. I like the wings at Bubor Cha Cha in Chinatown -- wrapped in pandan leaves and served with a zesty sauce.


                  Bubor Cha Cha
                  45 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

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                    My favorites:

                    1. Saugus Wings from Kowloon
                    2. Bon Chon
                    3. Honey Hot from Buff's

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                      Walked by Bon Chon last night -- and saw at least 4 or 5 parties of 4 or more dining on HUGE platters of crispy wings -- I did not get to taste them but I actually walked in and got a to-go menu just to make a note that I have to go back and return to try them. The woman who was cashiering explained that you can make choices of the sauces and that sometimes they have boneless wings in limited quantities (at lunch and maybe a few into the evening -but when they are gone - that is it for the day/night).

                      Any suggestions about other things to order at Bon Chon?

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                        Yes. We had the crispy salmon salad w. avocado. It's fantastic. I love the sake there.

                  2. The Center Cafe in Needham has some pretty amazing honey soy wings. Very crispy, though a bit on the small side.

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                      Agreed. I like those wings a lot but I am in the minority and enjoy wings as crispy as possible within reason and don't mind wings on the smaller side especially as an appetizer.

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                        I'm with you on the crispiness - much more desirable to me than juiciness.

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                        RedBones has awesome non-buffalo wings

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                          55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

                      3. A lot of my favorite non-Buffalo wings already mentioned (Buff's, Bon Chon).

                        I'll add Packy Connors in Roxbury (big, meaty, cheap, a little spicy, but not from a Tabasco-type sauce, mostly black pepper, white pepper, and garlic powder).

                        Also, garlicky spicy coal-black wings from Myers + Chang, with housemade sriracha on the side.

                        Not amazing, but they do the job in a great local pub setting: the garlic/parmesan wings at J.J. Foley's Cafe in the South End (though I'm likelier to get traditional Buffalo wings there.)


                        J.J. Foley's
                        117 E Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02118

                        1. I'll throw Bertucci's into the mix for the lemon-rosemary wings.

                          280 School St Ste G100, Mansfield, MA 02048

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                            Ill 2nd that. Those wings are awesome

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                              3rd - didn't know they still had them, but they are the best thing at Bertucci's. Will have to stop in and get some.

                              280 School St Ste G100, Mansfield, MA 02048

                              1. re: nsenada

                                They still got them and they are still delicious.

                            2. The Saugus Wings (a sticky-sweet soy-garlic glaze) at Kowloon are addictive.

                              For a wide variety of flavors, I like Eat At Jumbos in Ball Square. Their General Gao wings are pretty good.

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                                The 1919 molasses glazed wings at West-end Johnnies are great - sticky and sweet, but with some kick. http://www.westendjohnnies.com

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                                  Most Chinese restaurants have decent wings...

                                  1. re: SmokeDawg

                                    How is this place overall? I would like to take my husband, just to watch his face when he sees the name of the wings on the menu!

                                  2. re: Boston_Otter

                                    +1 for the Saugus Wings at Kowloon. I can't prove it, but I believe the sweet & sticky element is a mix of pineapple and maraschino cherry juice (or poor man's sweet & sour chicken sauce). They are surprisingly addictive actually....given the "everything in brown sauce" nature of the rest of the menu.

                                    I will always have a little sweet spot in my foodie heart for Kowloon, no matter what other's think. They know who they are and own it unabashedly and have for over a generation. If your looking for palate challenging authentic Chinese or impeccably balanced Thai, then steer clear, but if you'd having a craving for sub gum fried rice, pu-pu plattter, lobster in lobster sauce, and a scorpion bowl all while sitting on a ship with a frilly plastic lai around your neck, then they are the best in the state, no question!

                                    1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                      I might have to go! I'll have a Mai Tai, please!

                                      1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                        Yeah, the pitfall of Kowloon is that their expansive menu (Thai, Vietnamese, sushi, etc) leads people to think that they're really competent in the kitchen, which always leads to a lot of disappointment. As long as you stick with the sort of Polynesian food and drink popular in the late 50s and enjoy Tiki corniness, it's a great time.

                                        I've been looking for Saugus wing recipes for awhile, and your theory is pretty sound.

                                        1. re: Boston_Otter

                                          I remember a cheezy old recipe for Sweet & Sour Sauce from Better Homes and Garden's in the 70's that had a flavor very reminiscent of the Saugus Wings (which was made with pineapple and cherry juice, soy sauce, corm starch, and some other forgotten ingredients). My guess is that Saugus wings are Sweet & Sour Sauce mixed with Soy Sauce, a touch of molasses, and a bunch of chopped garlic and simmered down to the black magic we know and love. I am guessing this because they invented the recipe on site using whatever was in the kitchen (molasses is used to make the lobster sauce).....with a leaning toward whatever the people of Saugus seemed to like, which was the super Americanized dishes like lobster sauce and sweet and sour pork :)

                                          Here's a bittersweet little story about Kowloon from back in the day for your entertainment. Kowloon became my family's favorite Chinese restaurant almost 30 yrs ago. The reason had little to do with the food and a lot to say about race relations at the time. My older sister and I are half Jewish and half Black, a controversial mix by 70's standards, to say the least. Our sweet little Jewish Great Aunt decided to take us out one afternoon for Chinese food at her then favorite restaurant Bali Hai in Lynnfield (we were around 4 and 7 at the time). The staff there, apparently fearful that a table of interracial diners would offend their other patrons, proceeded to ignore us and refuse to seat us for 45 minutes, while seating a slew of parties of 2 and 4 that walked in after us (even with my Aunt politely reminding them of our presence several times), until we got the hint and left. Determined not to let the afternoon be ruined, she drove us back onto Rt 1 and headed south till she found another Chinese restaurant, which as you can guess turned out to be Kowloon. The staff there seated us immediately, was ever so sweet to us, and forever won my Great Aunts esteem and gratitude. She and her son went to Kowloon almost weekly ever since that afternoon till her death 5 years ago and she insisted whenever the rest of my family wanted to go to Chinese food with her that this be the only restaurant we give our money to. Her presence was so familiar at the restaurant that they used to make her and her guests a complimentary round of drinks whenever she went (she ordered a Kahlua and Milk with extra milk each time, so it was hardily a profit loss). It wasn't till a few years before her death that it finally dawned on me to ask her why her staunch loyalty to Kowloon over all the other Chinese food in the area and she told me the story ( I was too young to really remember the event). While it's kind of a sad story, it gave me such an heightened sense of respect for her and the Wong Family that owns Kowloon. Living in modern times, it is easy to forget what life use to be like and how racism could taint something as innocent as taking your little nieces out for lunch....and far too easy to forget the strength it took to be good people like the Wong family and my Great Aunt during those less enlightened times.

                                          So yes, Kowloon's food might be Americanized and their decor corny, but it is a family restaurant run by great people who take pride in their work and treat their patron with care and have earned ever ounce of their success! May they never change!

                                          1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                            What a great story, thanks so much for sharing. Your experience wasn't isolated. My parents were turned away from a restaurant in Boston back in the late '60's, because they thought my mom was black, with a white man. In fact, they had just returned from a vacation in Puerto Rico, and my mom had a tan. Quite an eye-opener for them.

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                                              Great story. Thanks for that. I now have a soft spot for Kowloon, too.

                                              1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                                The Wongs are still wonderful people. The service at Kowloon can be spotty, but when one of the Wongs comes out, they'll treat you like a king every time. Thanks for the Saugus Wing thoughts -- I'll try that combo in the kitchen sometime.

                                                1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                                  loved your story. so sweet. and also love that the mods haven't deleted it as they have done in the past when people post 'about the past'. What a lovely spirit your great aunt had.

                                                  1. re: InmanSQ Girl

                                                    Inman SQ, best post i've read all year-- thank you for sharing!

                                                    1. re: barleywino

                                                      InmanSQ Girl- That's an instant nominee for the Wicked Awesome North Shore Story Of The Year!; I'm from that area, and lost my grandmother who I had a "Chinese food connection" with, just over a year ago. We didn't do Kowloon (a closer-to-her, much smaller place in Wakefield was our usual spot, but I digress), but I know it well and remember it fondly. If I recall correctly, they did a "comedy club night" back in the day that I have fuzzy recollections of attending. Total tearjerker & totally wicked-awesome story! Thank you so much!

                                            2. I've had the smoked wings at the Tennessee BBQ in Peabody a couple of times and really liked them. The smokiness predominates. The heat is adjustable. Fairly crispy.

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                                                Update on these wings, just had them last week. The smokiness is gone. They were crispy all right: singed to a char (this from someone who loves charred things) like they were quick-grilled with gas on very high. Disappointed. Will stick to the decent pulled pork burrito there from now on.

                                              2. The Tavern Wings at Warren Tavern in Charlestown.

                                                Salty, crispy, and great with a shot of lemon. They always come out finger scorching hot from the fryer, which I love.

                                                Warren Tavern Restaurant
                                                2 Pleasant St, Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                1. The Rochester Wings at Silvertone.

                                                  69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108

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                                                  1. re: Guinness02122

                                                    The Cajun Blackened wings at Wings Over Somerville are a recent addiction of mine: nicely charred, with a spicy-salty dry rub, and the skin stays extra crisp because it's not a wet sauce. They'll also give you all drummettes or all "flats," if you ask. (I like the flats, or wing portion, best.)

                                                    Wings Over Somerville
                                                    519 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

                                                  2. Spicy (Dry Fried) chicken wings at Golden Garden are amazing, and now amongst my complete fav anywhere in Boston. Blazingly hot with the numb of Szechuan peppercorns then covered with a healthy dose of fresh poblanos. They stand toe to toe with any wing I've ever had, period.

                                                    Nevermind that they make some of the best dumplings in Boston and have a dozen other excellent dishes on the menu...

                                                    Honestly fffing amazing wings.

                                                    Golden Garden
                                                    63 Concord Ave Belmont, MA 02478
                                                    (617) 489-4428