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jimmy johns sandwiches coming soon to my area....

there is a new sandwich shop called jimmy johns opening soon in our area (Naples,FL)

after a little googling i find they are a chain from the midwest...
never hearing of them till now and not spending any time in the midwest ..i am not familiar with them..

any opinions of them
good ?bad?
better than jersey mikes?
publix subs?

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  1. Not as good as Jersey Mike's. On par with Subway and Quizno's. Can't say about Publix, have not had their prepared sandwiches, but if you have had an Albertson's sub the quality isn't that much better when fresh made. I'd say Miami Subs and Jon Smith, the two South Florida sub places I know, are better. When Jimmy John's first started, they would absolutely slather the mayo on every sandwich while not offering any other condiment choices.

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      albertsons are gone from around here for a while now..and i didnt go there back when they were...
      we dont have miami subs on this side of florida..so ive only had one or two of those and its been a long while for those..

      and ive never had jon smith..(same thing..other coast)

      and even quiznos are going away..

    2. I like them but you have to take them for what they are - a quick sub shop, with focus on speed and delivery. One thing unique about them, at least where I work, is that they will deliver ONE sandwich. Everyone else downtown has a minimum order of like $15 or $20 for delivery and it's very inconvenient as you have to get someone to go in on an order with you. I've never had any problems with them customizing the sub the way I like and when you go in to the store, they make the thing INSTANTLY.

      The veggies you can get are prettty limited - onion, lettuce, tomato and I think that's it. No green pepper, no pickles (you can buy a big, whole pickle separately), etc. I usually get the vito with no onions. They also have reduced fat kettle chips in addition to regular. None of the subs are hot/heated so that's another difference between Subway and Quiznos, and I find the bread to be pleasantly soft. When I eat subs, I often have a thing where my mouth hurts the rest of the day because of the "crusty" bread. It's like it eats away part of my mouth or something. I don't have that at JJ's. It's not gourmet and it's not health food, but I think it's pretty good. They also serve sandwiches on big wheat bread and will do an "unwich" (no bread/bun) but they don't have salads at all. Like I said, limited for what you can get, but I think it's pretty good. I've had the turkey and ham subs there and they were also good, it wasn't turkey "roll" like at Subway.

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        Funny, I was about to make the same response -- subs are OK (roughly comparable to any of the other sandwich chains) but their speed of service like magic -- I frequently have my sub in hand before my change. And their free delivery of even a single sub is a great deal, which I use a lot at work.

      2. Nothing special, but I have always kinda liked the wheat bread. It is a little heartier than wheat bread at other chain sandwich shops.

        1. Worse than anything except Subway. Publix subs are the best ones I've had outside New Jersey (thank Cthulhu for plenty of Floridian relatives).

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            I'm pretty much with MandalayVA. Better than Subway, but that's because I consider Subway completely inedible and will go hungry rather than eat there. There's nothing wrong with Jimmy John's, but there's nothing right, either. It's very bland and completely inoffensive. It will do if there is no other food around but it's certainly not worth a special trip.

          2. In my mind the chain sub ranking goes: Quiznos < Pre-wrapped supermarket sub < Jersey Mikes Subway < Jimmy John's < Potbelly

            Jimmy John's is inoffensive and mildly pleasant; they make a workaday sandwich like I might throw together at home with supermarket ingredients. Their roast beef is surprisingly satisfying for a presliced deli meat. It has grain and texture and appears to be slices of an actual beef roast, not a reformed loaf. Sometimes you'll even get pieces which are nicely medium or medium-rare. The only truly awful thing there are the hot peppers, which have a nasty bitter bite.

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            1. re: RealMenJulienne

              does the roast beef measure up to boars head?
              thats pretty much the best deli meats in my area...which i measure other meats by..
              i usually dont get pre made subs..i get the fresh made boars head sub at publix..
              quiznos not so much anymore..the one near here closed...
              blimpie once in a great while
              and we have a jersey mikes just north of here so its not an all the time choice..

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                Sorry I don't have experience with Pubilx, but JJ's roast beef is sort of comparable to Boar's Head. The big difference is that I've never gotten anything with any hint of red from Boar's Head, but at times JJ's beef has been nicely medium-rare.

            2. Went once to the one that opened in Fort Myers on US41. Won't go back. No salads. No soups. Cold bread with cold lunch meat. Generic meat and cheese choices. You're way better off making your own at home. Can't understand why they are in business, but to each his own.

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              1. re: Mothership

                "Can't understand why they are in business, but to each his own."

                I think part of the attraction is the fast, free delivery. Of course the downside to that is I think I read that their delivery drivers tend to get into more accidents because they are speeding excessively to get where they are going as fast as possible.

                1. re: Sailing77

                  True, true. I didn't take the delivery part of the deal into consideration. Now I am sudddenly remembering the spate of Domino's Pizza delivery driver accidents from years ago. "30-minute or less delivery or it's free" I believe it was?

              2. I’ve had a few of them for business lunches. They are ok, but nothing special. Be sure to check the nutritional analysis on their website. Some of the sandwiches are alarmingly high in fat content, sodium and calories. Bottom line is that you can make a superior and healthier sandwich yourself.

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                  We have them now in Salt Lake City so I looked up the nutritional data on all of their sandwiches. I was absolutely shocked by how high everything was in fat & calories....even their "lite" wraps.

                2. I think they are pretty darn good, particularly for the price. I love the # 9 Italian special. Be sure and ask that they go light on the mayo, as they are heavy handed with it. Or leave it off altogether. Wife likes the lettuce wraps

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                  1. re: steakman55

                    I think that is spot on, steakman. I finally got to try a JJ's yesterday. Harrisburg PA. Prices were very fair -- $4.50 for regular subs, $5.50 for "clubs," which are basically double meat and can be served on the same bread as the subs.

                    There is more meat on a $4.50 JJ's 8-inch sub than on a $5+ Subway sub. The bread is better too, more crust.

                    There's also a real budget option -- $3.50 for a sub without veggies, which was perfect for my son, who just likes "meat sandwiches."

                    Finally, you are right about the mayo. Next time I would tell them to go easy.

                  2. so it sounds like i will at least give them a try and see what happens...

                    altho the delivery idea doesnt sound bad...except i dont think tjhey will go this far for just a sandwich...ill have to ask...

                    1. I like JJs - def a step above Subway... I've never had a sandwich from any of the other places you mention. I like that they have sprouts available to put on a sandwich, adds a little extra "green" and flavor. I really enjoyed the roast beef, because as someone else mentioned it actually had some pink left in it.

                      1. one opened here a few months back, figured I would try it, it left me thinking I know of at least two Italian shops within a short drive of here that make killer subs why would I ever come back? I would put them only a step above subway, would put them below quiznos(primarily because I liked the boldness of some of quiznos sauces) If I am going to get chain subs I will go with Publix.

                        1. I noticed JJ's is opening up quite a few stores here in WA state.
                          A coworker really talked them up. I tried the sandwich and thought is was okay.

                          However, another one opened a mile away. I'll give them a try a few more times.

                          Any JJ's recommendations? Anyone?

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                          1. re: dave_c

                            "I like them but you have to take them for what they are - a quick sub shop, with focus on speed and delivery. One thing unique about them, at least where I work, is that they will deliver ONE sandwich."

                            And they don't restrict their delivery area much. JJ's delivered many a sandwich in the dead of the Wisconsin winter to my apartment in college back in the day...even though I lived right around the corner :)

                            Dave_C, I'm a big fan of JJ's tuna salad. They make it with celery, onions and "special sauce" (pretty sure it's mayo w/soy sauce mixed in). Served with cukes and sprouts. The BLT w/turkey is pretty tasty too.

                          2. As has been already stated, they are not the best to found anywhere, but they are far and away better than Subway, that insult to the animals and vegetables that died to make their offerings.

                            JJ's in the past, however, has aired some of the worst, most annoying TV commercials I have ever seen. Just saying...

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                            1. re: Fydeaux

                              how bad were they?
                              are they on utube?

                              1. re: srsone

                                Here's the one that came to mind first:


                                Not SO bad if you only have to see it once, but when it first came out, it was in heavy rotation where I live. We nearly wore out the mute button on the remote.
                                This is one I suppose some would find cute, but having once been in a bad auto accident, I personally fail to see the humour:


                                There are others on youtube.

                                1. re: Fydeaux

                                  the falling one was annoying...

                                  but the towel one was ok....

                                  the car one coulda been better...
                                  maybe if the onstar voice said something like "the ambulance will be there in 10 minutes"
                                  or something like that..
                                  if u dont know JJ delivery is supposed to be fast...u wouldnt get it....

                            2. ok

                              i finally tried jimmy johns...

                              it was nothing special....

                              and they dont have a kids menu?

                              1. I like Jimmy John's for what it is - a much better sub option that Subway (gross) or something like Publix and typically better than lots of local no frills sub shops, plus it delivers to my work in 10 minutes. It's not great by any means but pretty good.

                                1. Somewhat better than Subway, not even on the same continent as Jersey Mike's -- the only one of the big national sub chains I really like. Their chips are good, as are the cookies. For what they are, they're a tad overpriced. I eat JJ's now and again when I forgot my lunch at work, but that's because they deliver and if I'm busy I don't have time to run out.

                                  1. I had my second Jimmy John's #9 Italian sub yesterday, and have really enjoyed both of them. It's an 8" sub that is just as filling as Subway's 12", but they put in more meat (genoa salami, ham, spicy capicola, all better quality than the meats in Subway's BMT or Spicy Italian) and provolone cheese. It comes with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, and a nice oil/vinegar dressing, but I ask them to hold the mayo and add Grey Poupon mustard and LOTS of their hot peppers, which are delicious. I usually load up my Spicy Italian at Subway with their jalapenos, but Jimmy John's peppers are superior, and it's just a damn tasty sandwich. They assemble it at light-speed, too.

                                    I agree that Jersey Mike's has a better Italian sub, but there isn't a location anywhere near where I live or work. I used to go to Subway once or twice a month, but now I'll be visiting Jimmy John's for my Italian sub fix.

                                    Quizno's makes a tasty sub, but I would only ever get roast beef or steak subs there. Their zesty sauces (love their Batch 81 pepper sauce!) and toasting process don't work with Italian subs at all. However, I think Quizno's is kind of expensive for what you get, and the local franchisees almost always rudely refuse company coupons. The only time I ever go to Firehouse Subs is when I want to make something awesome in the Coke Freestyle drink fountains.

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                                    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                                      they are too far away from where i work and live for delivery...so thats out..
                                      have not tried jersey mikes yet either....

                                      it was more the experience that was bad than so much the sandwich...the bread was ok...not great..
                                      one thing i do like about subway...you order the bread/meat first..and then they make the sub right in front of you and add as little or as much as u want..
                                      JJ --i ordered a sub..next thing i know...did you order a #4??ummm i dont remember what a 4 is yet..i just walked in the door for the first time...the whole thing together was kinda off putting....

                                      and i have a few local places that make sandwiches that i have never had a problem with...

                                      1. re: srsone

                                        ??? Pretty sure JJ's makes the sub in front of you while you wait and their bread is infinitely better than Subway's and does not have that chemical taste to me (unlike Subway's).

                                        1. re: Dax

                                          I don't even think I've ever "waited" at JJ's. The sandwich is usually wrapped and handed to me by the time I've had a chance to get my change from the cashier...they are crazy fast. But that's one of the things I like about the place.

                                          1. re: boingo2000

                                            Right, but they are not pre-made. No you don't get to pick and chose toppings but they make everything to order.

                                            1. re: Dax

                                              Actually, you can pick & choose topings, you just need to do it before you order...I always take out tomatoes and mayo, add mustard, etc. They just don't have the whole Subway "Salad Bar of Toppings." I'm pretty sure the relatively smaller roughage / sandwich ratio is why I feel OK after JJ's and like I are a brick post-Subway.

                                    2. Jimmy John's is full of win, though hardcore foodies may be disappointed that it's not sufficiently "ethnic" like NYC delis. The meats and ingredients are all good quality stuff, though as others have said there aren't nearly as many addons or options as competitors. They don't toast their sandwiches, bear this in mind if that's your thing. Also, they franchise aggressively so it's possible your local JJ's won't be as good as what we have in the Midwest--my college dorm was two blocks from their flagship.

                                      Way better than Subway, on par with Potbelly. Can't speak for Jersey Mike's as I've never even heard of them before (apparently there's one on the far side of Minneapolis...). As it sounds like the OP found out, it's good to get an idea of exactly what you want before ordering as things move along pretty quickly from there. Basically, they do simple sandwiches extremely well.

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                                      1. re: CppThis

                                        this is the first JJ in the area...and i have never heard of them until they came around...
                                        now i dont eat subway every day...but the only choices we had were Subway..Blimpie or Quiznos...
                                        the Quiznos closed up..so they are out....Theirs only a Blimpie in a Kmart nearby..so they arent convenient either...

                                        and no they didnt make it in front of me..all i saw was the girl at the register she took the order..then you walk down and get it but no i couldnt see them making it either.....yes it was fast...ill give them that...

                                        but this was the first time there...so i dont know anything about the JJ "system"...so i guess

                                        i will just have learn to be very specific the next time i order...

                                        and ive never heard of Potbelly....

                                        so either i will stay with publix subs...or the few close by local places that i usually eat at...

                                        at least until there are more JJs around here