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May 18, 2011 06:37 AM

Casual dinner in Baltimore

Looking for a jeans and t-shirt kind of place with good food that isn't super expensive.

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  1. Ryleighs in Federal Hill. Good specials throughout the week (can't go wrong with $1 oysters at happy hour); it's consistently good food at bar prices.

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      Where at in Baltimore? Highly recommend Hamilton Tavern on Harford Road.

    2. King's Kabob on 36th Street (The Avenue) in Hampden serves excellent freshly-baked pita, fantastic baba ganouj, and delicious kabos ( I like the chicken kabobs the best, but the lamb and kofta are also very good).

      1. Waterstone is a friendly, casual restaurant. The menu leans towards the Mediterranean side. The atmosphere is calming and welcoming. A wine -price friendly menu. Baby lambchops were grilled to the exquisite taste of "grilled>' They were accommpanied with jullienned vegetables and roasted fingerling potatoes.

        My husband's veal chop was quite delicious. Not the size and/or quality of the Prime Rib Restaurant, Fleming's Steakhouse or Da Mimmo's--but delicious and a third of the price.

        The Caesar salad was standard. On our first visit I ordered the beet salad which was exceptionally good. Lots of beets, blue cheese dressing and a tangy/somewhat spicey dressing. Worth ordering and not the average or typical offering of salad.

        Once again, I emphasize that this restaurant needs some love and attention. The atmosphere, service and food are quite worthwhile. I wouldn't categorize it with the top local restaurants. We found it to be one of our early weekday pleasures and save the high end frou frou places for the weekends. FoiGras

        Prime Rib
        2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006