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ISO Mango dessert ideas

I have tons of very ripe mangoes...any good recipe ideas?

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  1. Thai Sticky Rice with Mango
    Coconut Rice Pudding with a Mango Puree
    Mango Shrikhand
    Mango Lassi
    Mango Pudding (either the one with gelatin, or try mixing it with soaked, chopped dried mango)
    Mango Mousse

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      My mind is on breakfast right now...I'm hungry...so it's sort of not dessert. Similar to the mango lassi, if you get to the point where you just want to use them all up, make a smoothie with it by throwing it in with some vanilla yogourt and a tiny splash of milk or juice. You can also make parfaits with yogourt and mangoes and granola.

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        I do that too, but I didn't call it a parfait before reading this!

        Mango, Greek yogurt, a splash of heavy cream if I have it, a drizzle of honey, a few blackberries. Or, the same, with generous scoops of fresh ricotta instead of the yogurt.

    2. Sticky rice with mango is one of my favorites. Use Amy Sherman's recipe from her blog: http://cookingwithamy.blogspot.com/20...

      Also love Jacques Pepin's almond cake with mango coulis:

      You can also just puree the mangos, mix in some plain yogurt, honey and maybe some orange blossom water for a sweet lassi.

      Or make mango aqua fresca. Puree the mangos, add some sugar and lime juice to taste, then add some water for a really nice hot weather drink.

      Not that it's hot here in Massachusetts, but still, it will be delicious.

      1. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...
        Mango pudding is light and refreshing and will use 4-5 large mangos for this recipe/version from Epicurious.

        1. Sorbet, granita or ice cream.

          1. I'm much taken with Nigel Slater's suggestion that mango is best eaten naked, in the bath, with your partner.

            1. Mango pairs very well with light cream. Mango cream is a Pakistani dessert, simply very flavourful cubed mangos and bananas (and, optionally, oranges) with a light cream poured generously over. Made a day or two in advance so the mango flavour infuses the cream, and served thoroughly chilled. My family's favourite dessert when Ramadan falls in the summer.

              Following from this: mango works well in trifles and when served with sponge cakes, whipped cream and strawberries.

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                Frozen mango souffle
                Mango/lime mousse


                Mango & heart of palm salad, sesame lime peanut vinaigrette

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                  tavegyl -

                  Great idea! See above I often serve mango with yogurt and some heavy cream, but I've never made in advance/chilled for infusion. I just bought three mangos last night (ate one immediately, in the aforementioned fashion) so I am going to try to refrain from eating it until the cream can take on the mango magic.

                2. If you have super fresh and high quality mango, you could lightly dress it in simple syrup (or just leave it plain) and serve with a vanilla panna cotta and and a sprinkling of almond crumbles. You could add some other tropical fruits like pineapple too. Or maybe a coconut milk panna cotta if you stick with the tropical theme.

                  1. mango key lime pie, with coconut meringue

                    1. Mango salsa goes great with fish and shellfish. You can season hispanic or thai. Dice Mango, onion, cilantro, lime juice, chile pepper (habanero pairs nicely), maybe some tomatillo. Fish sauce for Thai, cumin for more Mexican. Oh, and salt, of course.

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                        I completely agree, with the caveat that the salsa be made fresh and used within an hour. These ingredients when combined make for inedible mush overnight.

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                          agree with Veggo re: making the salsa fresh...i'll never understand why prepared/store-bought mango salsa exists.

                          but the OP asked for *dessert* recipes, so i second the suggestions for sticky rice or sorbet.

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                            D'oh, right, I had a senior moment. But yes, the mango and sticky rice is my choice too.

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                            I like mango as an additional ingredient to traditional fresh tomato salsa--the mango complements the flavors perfectly. Though I like onion in my salsa; I'm not sure how it would work with garlic.

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                              Mango is a good neighbor with onion or garlic, for no more than 15 minutes. I have been down that road too many times.

                          3. Why not a mango crisp? I adore this blueberry rhubarb crisp with pistachio topping. I might try it as a mango blueberry crisp.


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                              So I tried this tossing in two chopped mangoes last night -- mango blueberry rhubarb crisp. Ummm..... PERFECT. wow.

                            2. Not necessarily dessert: I mix chopped up mangoes with cottage cheese for a snack. It works!

                              We have a lot of nice quality mangoes around here right now. If I can get past all the fresh peaches and blackberries, I'm going to make mango frozen yogurt, using some lime zest (and maybe a little lime juice) with the mango. A touch of lime goes very well with mango.

                              1. Just mash super-ripe mango with a tot of lemon and another of sugar; freeze, blending with fork every half hour or so. Voila. Instanter: best sorbet ever.

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                                  The fruit fit for kings... I must try that!

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                                    It is so good, and so pure-tasting. You can also use agave to sweeten, if it even needs it. And if you really want to put on the dog and you like the flavor (not of dog), make coconut ice out of coco milk and sugar, and swirl the two. I'm not hugely into food-guilt anyway, but talk about a wonderful guiltless dessert.