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May 18, 2011 05:40 AM

Please help recommend a 'normal', Parisian bistro?

Thanks to all posters (especially souphie, uhockey) for the tips and reports on Paris. Will be heading to Paris in mid-June, and have secured reservations at Gagnaire, Le Cinq, and will be calling two weeks in advance (9am sharp!) for Jean Francois Piege.

I will also be trying to secure reservations at La Bigarrade (lunch) and La Chateaubriand (dinner).

I then realise that I have to have a meal in Paris of just good, French food, no-Michelin-starred. Of duck confit, sauces, creme brulee, in a bistro where English is barely spoken (my partner can speak French) and wine is good and relatively inexpensive and flowing.

Can anybody help, please? Or do the restaurants I have listed also serve good ol' French chow? I just want a meal without any molecular twist, or 'fusion', or anything too modern.

Thank you so much in advance! I will provide a report of my trip when I am back.

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  1. i am going to paris in june and la regalade (st. honore) was highly recommended by a parisian friend for simple french food done well.

    1. A few that come to mind are L'Ambassade du Sud Ouest, L'Auberge Bressane, Le Bistrot du 7EME and Le Florimond, all in the 7th. Then there is Chez Flottes, where the Confit de Canard is served with Aligote. These all offer traditional French "comfort" dishes, as you requested.

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        Oh, thank you so, so much Oakglen and mstringert! Are reservations needed at any of these bistros?

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          You might get lucky at lunch w/o a reservation, but why chance it? We always reserve, even at the brasseries; it's a common courtesy that is appreciated.

          As noted by others, there are an increasing number of restaurants that do not accept reservations, like Cafe Constant, but these require a "go early, or go late" approach.

      2. Maybe a lunch at Le Comptoir? The food is amazing and they don't take reservations for lunch. Since, a dinner rez there is next to impossible, its a good way to get in. The foie on toast still lingers on my taste buds. Plus, it's in St. Germain, which is an great neighborhood to hang out in. Also, if you having trouble getting a reservation at Le Chateaubriand they do a second seating at 9:30pm and you can still have the full tasting menu. Better information on how to do the second seating is here:

        1. I think Le Quincy would be exactly what you are looking forward. Excellent regional cuisine, and a warm welcome. Reserve a couple days in advance.