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May 18, 2011 02:27 AM

Japanese Curry in Tokyo

Hi all...

I'm putting together my list for my next trip in December. I was planning on hitting Tokyo Curry Lab for Japanese Curry. Are there any other places that trump TCL or ones that you think are worth checking out?


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    1. Here is a link to a fairly long curry thread that started in December 2009.

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        Japanese Curry base his importance on sauce, big plate of sauce usually with few meat. The Curry Lab, there is nothing exceptional, they have a choice of plate with a variety of sauce to combine.
        A Hotel Curry will be as better... and they might add wine as well to mild the spices. My favorite is in Okachimachi-Yushima (near ueno) is a counter style The shop is some kind of japanese-indian style : quality of sauce, spices, few meat, and rice...

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        1. Thanks!

          BTW, the Club of Tokyo Famous Diners in Yurakucho, where you can try curries from five famous shops at the same time and compare, now has a branch in Akihabara:

          It might be a good starting point for a curry novice.

          1. I though Manten wasn't anything to write home about. I like the curry at These in Nishi Azabu.